Fear of “third gender” prompts some Swedish legislators to retain transgender sterilization law

EnochsonSKANBERG300THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Never mind a recent Swedish court ruling stating the current practice of forced sterilization of transgender citizens was a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, some legislators are arguing that the practice remain in place.

Fearing a “third gender,” Swedish Members of Parliament Tuve Skanberg and Annelie Enochson are opposing efforts in Parliament to enact legislation to delete the a requirement of sterilization for transitioning Swedish citizens.

It’s a bit early to tell if there is widespread support for this.

More about the Swedish court ruling on sterilization: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/forced-sterilization-of-trans-patients-following-sex-reassignment-surgery-ends-in-sweden/

In an earlier report, I wrote about the United Nations’ position that forced sterilization was torture. This is from the a UN report on the matter: “…Medical care that causes severe suffering for no justifiable reason can be considered cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and if there is State involvement and specific intent, it is torture.”

More: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/un-report-says-forced-transgender-reparative-therapy-sterilization-is-torture/


While these two may consist of a minority of the Swedish Parliament, their actions are very Orwellianish and most certainly yet another blemish on an otherwise civilized country. Not too long ago, a man was cleared of raping a trans woman because the judge argued the victim wasn’t “technically” a woman. A higher court however, overruled that judge and found the rapist guilty. More on that here: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/rapist-freed-in-sweden-because-intended-female-victim-turned-out-to-be-transgender/


Sweden may drop requirement that transgendered be infertile – UPI.com.



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  1. What exactly is this law? This is worded in a very odd way. All trans women are born infertile so exactly what is it that sweden requires in order to change sex on a birth certificate?

    • That’s not true. Transmen AND transwomen can have children if they choose too. Some choose to have a surrogate (if you’re on hormones it can be dangerous and sometimes impossible for transmen to conceive.) while others can carry babies themselves. You’ve still go eggs and sperm that you can contribute to a surrogate. What this article is saying is that when you transition in Sweden they effectively spay or neuter you like you would an animal. Everyone should have the right and the option to procreate no matter your gender identity. The treatment of the transgender community is just despicable. 😦

      • You can feel as you please. But I am a female. Not a man and it is not procreating to bank sperms and do whatever with them. Its not even remotely the same thing. Its nothing, even less than nothing. All trans women are born sterile period. If we were not, we would be able to get pregnant which is impossible. All technology offers today is a sterile experience, hardly a substitute for being pregnant and having a life grow inside you. It is what it is, but dont insult me by saying silly things. I have a wonderful man who cares for me. I would havce given him a child, but I could not offer that. The idea of using sperms that never belonged in my body makes me feel nauseous.

        • You can feel however YOU please but don’t assume others will feel how you do. I don’t have to agree. As a transman, I wouldn’t ever want to go through a pregnancy. The idea of going through something so female makes ME nauseous but it doesn’t mean that I’m sterile. It doesn’t mean that I couldn’t have a child if I wanted to. And I think it’s sick to deny others the pleasure of parenthood (whether or not you use a surrogate) because the idea of doing something like that makes ME uncomfortable. So, yeah, I disagree with the forceful sterilization of other transpeople because maybe others don’t feel the way I do about it. No one should HAVE to get a hysterectomy or an orchiectomy because the government says so.

          • You misunderstand me. I believe everyone should be free to as they please. If someone else wants to store sperms or eggs and have them mixed in a test tube and call that being fertile then I support that. It would never occour to me to deny something to others simply becasue I find it disgusting. But perhaps you also see my feelings on the matter. I never suggested you should or should not get pregnant and in fact I could care less.

          • FYI, the Sweedish situation didn’t require removing gonads or uterus, “only” cutting fallopian tubes or vasa deferentia.

            • But still who are they to force someone to get their tubes tied or to get a vasectomy. All Trans people are in a sence already infertile. unless you have banked sperm or eggs before transitioning you are going to sterilize yourself which is already a hard thing for many to face during their transition. these people are forcing something onto trans people that is not only already going to happen but is unneeded. This is nothing more than the Swedish government humiliating and torturing these people in an already difficult time in thier lives. As well as treating them like they are less than human and as if we are no more than animals.

  2. Both of them are representing the “Christian Democrats” in Sweden, so no surprise there really. Oh, how my miss my country of origin… /Giovanna at http://www.wannabegirl.co.uk

  3. “All trans women are born infertile”? I’m a transwoman and up until recently could have gotten a cisgendered woman pregnant. Had I banked sperm, that capability would remain intact, although I made a personal decision not to. Without having read the Swedish legisation, I believe that it would have required even non-op transwomen (those who hadn’t have surgery, only hormone therapy) to be sterilised and any banked sperm to be destroyed. In short, the idea is that if you’re trans you shouldn’t be allowed to have children of your own as if we’re somehow magically incapable of parenting or loving a child like anyone else.

    • You’re almost right about the Swedish legislation, Forth. It requires (or used to require) sterilization and that banked sperms or egg cells be destroyed for (the Swedish equivalent to) a change of birth certificates and for a permit for SRS. (In the case of SRS, the prohibition of banked cells is of course th emajor problem).

    • no what it really is, is these people seeing transgender or the third gender a genetic deformity what they are really trying to do is breeding out any possibility that transpeople will continue on in the genetics its on par with what hitler and the kkk are doing and its disgusting that they would even think you could effect the evolution of our race by taking out transgendered individuals

  4. Sweden has a long and vicious tradition of sterilising anyone they deem undesirable in some way. They used to sterilise prostitutes, addicts and many criminals in a national eugenics programme that was like something from Nazi Germany only decades later. Their civilised image was bought, and continues to be bought with this cruelty.

  5. This infuriates me! If they are going to”sterilise” trans people, what problem are they trying to fix? It sounds a little like Hitler wanting only blue eyed, blond haired people to exist. Trans people don’t create a third gender, being trans is all about wanting to be one of two genders (the one they identify with) not create a third! So angry right now! And don’t forget Sweden, it’s hetro couples that create trans people! Are you going to sterilise all people to wipe out trans people?! I hope not! Trans people should be treated equally. When is the world going to get its shit together and accept and stop debating about transgender, equal marriage etc and concentrate on those who spread hate (ie Korea who are developing weapons of mass destruction?)

  6. They are simply fascists… Their religion offers them a sense of moral superiority that justifies anything in the interest of their vision of the ubermench.

  7. Before you go blaming Sweden, please be aware that in most states of Australia the law is the same. I’m a 53 year old FTM and grandfather of 5. Despite the fact that Tesosterone has atrophied my ovaries, if I want to correct my birth certificate so that I die a male, not the female i was assigned at birth, I have to have a hysterectomy. As it is not medically necessary unless I get cancer, the public health system won’t pay for it, and on a disability pension I can’t pay to have myself neutered (unless I could persuade a vetinary surgeon to do it- their fees are affordable) I am considered female on my birth certificate and social security, yet I can get a male passport and Medicare (our public health system) says I am male. Obviouslly, I am totally unable to marry anyone of either gender, and if the law doesn’t change, I’m going to die with a big bushy beard and the word FEMALE on my death certificate.

  8. If the issue here is that Sweden requires someone to undergo SRS prior to issuing a correct birth certificate, it is wrong, but that is the case in many countries. The issue of storing sperm makes no sense, you can do that anywhere. I find it hard to imagine that they have some massive data base to keep track of such a thing.

    @forth – All trans women are infertile from birth as we cannoit bear children. Using your sperm to impregnate someone is not even remotely the same. That is what men do. So we can be fathers, but never mothers in the true sense of the word.

    • Sweden does not require SRS or sterilization prior to issuing a new birth certificate. The sterilization requirement was deemed in violation of the constitution by an administrative court of appeal half a year ago. At the same time a political process to remove the sterilization requirement from the law was in progress. This will be voted on by parliament in may, but is largely meaningless since the court removed the requirement. Regardless the nationalistic-conservatice (and largely raceist) Sweden Democratic party and a conservative fraction of the Christian Democratic party, protest the change to the law.

      • Thank you for explaining this. So the real issue is a small number of elected idiots promoting prejudice. That I understand. As it stand today Sweden is not some bastion for eugenics.

  9. bearing children and being fertile are two different things. Im super fertile, but I will probably never be able to actually birth a child myself.

    • I dont know if you are fertile or not. If you are a trans woman, you are infertile. We cannot get pregnant, we do not ovulate so any discussion of fertility means male fertility, not female. And logically you or I can be fathers, but not mothers. I use these words in the sense of biology, not parenting roles.

  10. I can have a child that has my genes but I can never birth that child. It really sucks, but Im not infertile.
    Maybe they are afraid of a lesbian or gay couple actually having children without going to a sperm bank or hiring a surrogate. It would blow their minds too hard. :p

  11. The article says that it’s a bit early to tell if there is widespread support for this [i.e., keeping the sterilization requirement in the law]. But actually, six out of seven parties want to remove it and only one party and a minority of another want to keep it. There’s a big majority in both the governement and parliament for removing it.

  12. So, like… they want to sterilise trans people, NOT the straight cis-people who actually MADE the trans people in the first place, and the brothers and sisters of trans people.

    Bigotry at it’s best.


  1. European sterilization of transgender people more widespread than thought | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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