A South Korean court ruling makes it easy to change gender ID in this otherwise trans-unfriendly country

Trans singer Harisu, one of the few trans/LGBT celeberties in South Korea (Photo:ilga.com)

Trans singer Harisu, one of the few trans/LGBT celebrities in South Korea (Photo: ilga.com)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — While obviously this South Korean district court ruling allowing gender ID changes on documents without first having to undergo gender reassignment surgery is a huge positive step making them one of the few countries that permits this, however, South Korea is one of the last places I expected this to happen.

Last fall I reported on the cancellation of a trans-themed TV program that revealed the conservative nature of a large percentage of the South Korean population:

“While there is no way to know if the cancelled talk show “XY That Girl” was compelling television or mere exploitation, what I have learned is the South Korean people are largely social conservatives yielding enough clout to force the TV station, KBS Joy, to quickly yank the show.

It was thought that acceptance had finally gained a foothold in this country where LGBT people were long considered a ‘foreign phenomenon’, but it apparently is still not the case. Very few openly LGBT South Korean celebrities exist — and their lives are marred by blacklisting and other forms of oppression.  Transgender and LGBT people living there live mostly underground — something that harks back to the ’50s in the United States.”

The Gay Star News report of the court ruling doesn’t state if the documents includes birth certificates, nor do we know if the state is going to appeal this decision. Regardless, this may be a sign South Korea may be a country set on a path to becoming more in tune with other countries where the transgender and LGBT populations live in the 21st century.

More on social conservatism in South Korea: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/deeply-conservative-south-korean-population-forces-cancellation-of-transgender-themed-tv-show/

More on the court ruling: Transsexual people can amend official gender without surgery, South Korean court rules | Gay Star News.

Trans singer Harisu, one of the few trans/LGBT celeberties in South Korea (Photo:ilga.com)

Trans singer Harisu, one of the few trans/LGBT celebrities in South Korea (Photo: ilga.com)


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  1. that is so awesome. thanks for reporting it.

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