FOX News contributor/comedian says transgender fighter Fallon Fox can ‘legally physically attack your daughter’

FOX News' Steven Crowder in a fight of his own

FOX News’ Steven Crowder in a fight of his own

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Of course, FOX News contributor Steven Crowder doesn’t quite make it clear that your daughter choose to fight Fallon Fox in a mixed martial arts sport where the attraction for many fans is the spectacle nature of it all.

Steven Crowder bills himself as a comedian. Still, as a comic piece, I didn’t find his article, “Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fallon Fox shouldn’t be allowed to beat up women,” all that funny either. Maybe it’s a FOX News thing that only FOX News viewers get. Comedians and FOX News though, are synonyms.

The piece was written for no other reason to exploit trans people in order to generate revenue for FOX News. With no election in sight, a president enjoying high ratings and the Republican party becoming unglued, FOX News has returned to society’s marginalized populations for seemingly easy pickings to exploit into stories.

For FOX News and other media that exploits trans people, those days are coming to an end as trans people continue to rack up legal victories and other legislative gains.

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Tip of the hat to Kara Tucker.

FOX News' Steven Crowder in a fight of his own

FOX News’ Steven Crowder in a fight of his own


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4 replies

  1. I’m not surprised by anything on FOX any more. They are disgusting and pander to the lowest segment of the population.

  2. Interesting that it seems that violence against women is perfectly fine in Fox’s (and the GOP’s) book. So it is OK for a cisgendered male to beat, rape or kill women, but not OK for a trans person to compete in sports.

  3. Ha ha, then why don’t you two fight the tranny?

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