Plug pulled on “Just Out” magazine a second time — transgender column “In Transit” ends

"Just Out" logos throughout the years

“Just Out” logos throughout the years

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Portland, Oregon’s long running LGBT magazine Just Out has ceased publication a second time. The February, 2013 edition was the final issue.

Publishers Jonathan Kipp and Eddie Glenn pulled the plug after 9 issues when it became apparent that advertising revenue was not going to reach the level needed to make it a viable operation.

Kipp and Glenn bought the magazine shortly after previous owner Marty Davis shut it down a year ago. It was hoped that a makeover would keep the magazine in print, but economic factors did not allow this to happen.

Yours truly had a monthly column in the publication which I wrote about transgender topics with a local slant. I’d like to thank Kipp and Glenn for that opportunity. Of course, my writings will continue to appear in The Guerrilla Angel Report, The Huffington Post, Wipe Out Transphobia and the numerous other media outlets that republish my work.

I am not privy to information whether the magazine will someday resurface. My guess is as good as yours.

Articles I wrote for Just Out: In Transit.

"Just Out" logos throughout the years

“Just Out” logos throughout the years


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  1. Having a magazine dedicated in 1 segment of the market, it is going to suffer, I am not sure, was there a non print version of this publication? Many newspapers and publications are having to exploit e-reader based versions. This would be a way to publish a version, albeit not ideal, but it is something…

  2. I’m saddened and very sorry to hear this news!

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