Trans woman ordered out of court house restroom by sheriff deputy wins legal ruling

Judie Jones (Photo: Josh O'Leary Iowa P-C)

Jodie Jones (Photo: Josh O’Leary Iowa P-C)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Trans woman Jodie Jones told Deputy Susan Henderson who had followed Jones into the women’s restroom at a court house, that she had a right to be there. Henderson, however, supposedly said “regardless of what the law is” she wasn’t going to let Jones use the restroom and ordered her out. Jones complied, but later filed a civil rights complaint.

Last week, Iowa Administrative Law Judge Heather Palmer ruled that the incident in the Johnson County Courthouse restroom had enough evidence to support Jones’ charges. Among some of the evidence was Deputy Henderson prior knowledge that Jones was transgender. Henderson’s statements were also found to be discriminative as well.

Along with support for Jones from the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, it is expected the parties involved will come to a settlement. As for Jones, she says she is doing this so others don’t have to endure the humiliation that happened to her. She says if the sheriff department apologizes, she won’t file a lawsuit. Deputy Henderson, however, has since retired.


This is a good outcome. I believe the deputy overstepped her bounds and tried to use Jones’ prior arrest history as justification for her actions, when in fact, one’s prior criminal history does not rid one of equality rights unless specified in bail or probation conditions. Jones, apparently, had no such conditions set.

More: Judge sides with transgender woman in bathroom dispute | Iowa City Press Citizen |

Jodie Jones (Photo: Josh O'Leary, Iowa P-C)

Jodie Jones (Photo: Josh O’Leary, Iowa P-C)


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7 replies

  1. Good for her! I’m glad to hear outcomes like this coming out of my home state.

  2. Good for her! I’m glad to hear outcomes like this coming out of my home state.

    Sry for the double post.

  3. This doesn’t seem legitimate. Why should this guy make such a big deal about her going to the restroom particularly if he knew the law. Either this guy had a vendetta against her, and i would love to know the reason, or he is a real asshole and should not have been sheriff in the first place.

  4. All (gender-) cops are bastards!^^


  1. Settlement: Sheriff was wrong to remove trans woman from women’s bathroom | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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