Disturbing UK gender ID “fraud” sexual intimacy case complicated by age misrepresentation

Chris Wilson (Photo: carriesfairfield.com)

Chris Wilson (Photo: carriefairfield.com)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A Scottish trans man faces jail time after admitting to  ‘obtaining sexual intimacy by fraud’. Chris Wilson supposedly ‘did not tell his girlfriends he was trans’ before getting intimate with them and misrepresented his age, telling them he was 17 when he was actually was much older. Complicating the matter further is the possibility one of the girls wasn’t truthful about her age either. Either way, he is now on the sex offenders’ register and may be jailed.

The Scottish Transgender Alliance’s Nathan Gale told the Gay Star News: ‘We are very concerned for trans people because it could set a precedent forcing them to reveal their gender history to new sexual partners.’

Transgender activist Jane Fae, also speaking to Gay Star News, said her previous conversations with the prosecution (Crown Prosecution Service) following an earlier case somewhat similar to this one has her concerned that ‘in practice any trans man or trans woman who keeps their gender identity to themselves runs the risk of being charged’.


Clearly, there should never be a law where a trans person is required to reveal to their sexual partner their gender ID history. This case, however, is complicated with age misrepresentation — people may or may not have been of legal age to have an intimate relationship and this ought to be the primary focus here.  I do agree with Ms. Fae who has stated that an incident like this is a ‘time bomb waiting to explode.’


This issue is being closely monitored and discussed on Trans Media Watch: http://www.facebook.com/groups/transmediawatch/

More from Gay Star News:  Man ‘guilty’ of fraud for not telling girlfriend he was trans | Gay Star News.

Chris Wilson (Photo: carriesfairfield.com)

Chris Wilson (Photo: carriesfairfield.com)

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10 replies

  1. Making a law revealing your would be too open to conservative legislative abuse. It would most likely include revealing your history every-time you have to use a restroom. Careful with today’s political environment. The reason behind it is valid but just a warning.

  2. The idea of a law requiring such disclosures is absurd. It should only be considered when there is a law requiring married men to disclose their martical status to someone before sexual intimacy. In both cases, these are moral issues, not legal ones. Having sexual contact with a person under anything less than full openess and honesty is immoral. It is, however, not unlawful.

  3. having sexual contact with anybody under 16 is in the UK a statutory crime.. regardless of any other nonsense about “gender identity”.. beware of the “gay panic” defence.

  4. Yes, totally wrong charge. Gender Fraud? This is anti trans policy written in law. What’s the point of a gender recognition certificate if this can happen, or can’t you get them in Scotland? The charge should be for having sex with a minor.

  5. the having sex with a minor would be chucked out the girl he had sex with admitted lying about their age which would of been enough for acquittal

  6. Surely a fTm cock doesnt look that real anyway

  7. Obviously the age fraud is a real thing. It has laws towards it. But the Gender Fraud deal? What is that? What matter is it that the person was not physically the gender they let on to bet? Maybe it was a matter for the girl/or guy at the time. But it is no public matter of the court or the people. Charge people for the actual crimes they committed, not the nature of what is in their pants.

  8. Is true age an issue? Most definitely. Former gender? hell no! Should I reveal I dye my hair black and am actually ginger before engaging in a relationship? If I am a breast cancer survivor who has undergone double mastectomy and reconstruction should I carry disclosure cards that my tits are not “original parts”? If I have a spray on tan should I make sure my partner knows? This is absurd.

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