Actor-comedian Eddie Izzard says being transgender is a gift

Eddie Izzard asks: Do you have a flag?

Eddie Izzard asks: Do you have a flag?

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — It was a transgender lawyer that first turned Eddie Izzard onto the ‘being trans is a gift’ view shortly after Izzard first came out.   Since then, Izzard has carried this positive way of looking at it, including, and perhaps especially, during his performances.

In an interview with The Advocate, Izzard briefly talks about being transgender. Izzard says: “If you are an alternative sexuality, you have to look at it as a gift or otherwise it’s going to grind you down. In the end, I’m a much more positive person for having come out.

For parents of trans kids, Izzard says: Just be friendly, supportive, and be positive. Don’t just go, “Oh my God!”

Most of the interview, however, involves other topics, including religion and the use of it in performances, and a recent lifetime humanist achievement award bestowed on Izzard.

I previously wrote about Izzard here:

If you have not seen Izzard’s act, I highly recommend the DVD: Dress to Kill. Used copies are going for around $3 dollars (USD). You’ll thank me later.

More on the award:

The rest of the interview here:  Eddie Izzard on Atheism, Transgender, and “The Invisible Bloke Upstairs” |

Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard: Cake or Death?


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  1. ❤ Eddie! "Do you have a flag? …. no flag, no Country!"

  2. Multiple performances of Mr. Izzard’s are available for streaming through Netflix!

  3. Death Star Canteen is a MUST WATCH for Izzard fans. YouTube it.

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