Transgender ally Zack Ford blasts transphobic Massachusetts legislators

Think Progress' Zack Ford

Think Progress’ Zack Ford

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Time and time again, I find Think Progress‘ Zack Ford allying solidly with trans folks. I especially like the way he holds politicians accountable for their transphobic actions. While it is true he does write primarily about LGBT issues and states he is gay, however, if one didn’t know any better, you’d think he was transgender with his intensity sometimes. Either way, my hats off to you Mr. Ford.

Meanwhile, Ford takes issue with some Massachusetts legislators who he says are retaliating against trans people following the issuance of a new Department of Education anti-discrimination policy for trans students.

Here are some transphobic comments made by MA state legislators:

Rep. Colleen Garry: “An anatomical male in a locker room could make girls feel uncomfortable and vice versa. . . .”

Rep. Marc Lombardo: “It’s time we say enough to this radical social agenda promoted by the administration and use common sense to protect our children.”


These transphobic legislators have shown exactly why the new anti-trans discrimination policy was needed.

Read Ford’s entire article here:  Massachusetts Lawmakers Retaliate Against Youth With ‘Transgender Issues’ | ThinkProgress.

Think Progress' Zack Ford

Think Progress’ Zack Ford


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3 replies

  1. It’s also why i went ballistic last year when they passed that unjust bill in Massachusetts without public accommodations language

  2. The kind of fearmongering one hears from this kind of state legislator ilk never ceases to astound! No self-respecting transwoman, TS or TG, would go flashing themselves in a woman’s locker room. These lawmakers watch too many 80s films apparently, as they seem to think locker rooms are still open, as in non-private.

  3. While I admire anyone who stands up for transgender rights, I’m actually an advocate of allowing children regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation more privacy in school changing rooms as I feel they should have a right to privacy and I think privacy for all is more LGBT friendly. As a transsexual I was forced to use communal showers at school, and far from making me feel included it made me feel my transsexual identity was being denied. I’ve written a blog on how it affected me which explains more

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