DC judge slams suspect, DA on transgender attack case

dcsuperiorcourtWashington D.C. Superior Court Judge Rhonda Reid Winston, apparently fed up with the behavior of the accused attacker of an unnamed trans woman and the DA’s apparent withholding of evidence, laid down the law on both of them.

Winston ordered Ahmad Robinson, accused in August on an attack on a DC trans woman and apparently out of jail awaiting trial, to comply with the release terms. Robinson has a history of not following release conditions and this reprimand may be his final chance to avoid even harsher terms.

Winston also told the government be more forthcoming with evidence in the discovery phase with the defense team and to get it done by March 6th. The DA has already succeeded in getting a postponement of the trial and it is now scheduled for March 27.

The victim spotted and positively ID’d Robinson an hour after reporting the assault to the DC police.


This case has some in the DC trans community angry that Robinson was released from jail in the first place, and even more so now after he failed to comply with many of the conditions set for his release. The delay with release of evidence has some wondering about the strength of the case against Robinson.

I was unable to find a photo of Robinson.

Stay tuned.

More:  Suspect in Transgender Assault Case Reprimanded: D.C. Superior Court judge warns Robinson after he fails to comply with release terms: News section: Metro Weekly.



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3 replies

  1. Sadly in the eyes of so many the transcommunity is disgusting and made by a lesser God, Our value as humans has been so devalued that we aren’t even thought of as humans let alone a a ” citizen ” The self ordained ” Chosen Few ” prove their contempt everyday, and even those who have taken an oath of office show the same contempt ! Hate is such wasted energy and waste of time.

  2. Even sadder is the conduct of the DA. Even if Robinson is the attacker and deserves to be found guilty and sent to prison, he has constitutional rights (which I’m sure comes as a surprise to many prosecutors.)

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