Trans woman running for Houston City Council


Running for a seat on the Houston City Council — Jenifer Rene Pool

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The three-term president of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, Jenifer Rene Pool, is making another attempt to get on the Houston City Council. Pool has previously served the city of Houston in a number of advisory commissions and task forces. Pool is also co-host of a weekly radio show — Queer voices.

Pool previously attempted to get on the council in 2011. Those of you in or near Houston can help Pool get started by showing up for her campaign kickoff event Thursday. It is reportedly to take place at BB’S, 701 Studewood St., Houston.

Details on Pool’s political background: (this is from 2011):

Jenifer’s campaign website:

More on Houston elections: Houston elections begin with Parker running for 3rd term, trans council candidate.


Jenifer Rene Pool (Photo:


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7 replies

  1. It is time for Houston to have a Transgender member of the government. There I s a T in LBGT.

  2. Her running for public office is great ! it takes courage to be involved in government, and even more when you are transgendered, her service is a credit to all of us in the trans community !!!

  3. Thanks for the comments! And Krista Ann, you’re right. It takes courage!

  4. I’ve known Jenifer for a long time and can vouch for her compassion, intelligence and dedication. She’s a perfect candidate because she’d be perfect on the Houston city council … and even higher office.

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