UK trans student verbally abused, shoved out of university restroom



THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Two females in a restroom at the Student Union in UK’s Leeds University apparently grabbed a trans woman’s breasts then shoved her out while verbally abusing her. The university’s security was called and the issue resolved to the victim’s satisfaction.

A Student Union spokesperson said security explained to the two females of the university’s respect for transgender students’ needs and choices. According to a student newspaper, the two females then understood the error of their ways. The victim, Alexis, says ‘misgendering is something I expect, but grabbing my breasts and shoving me is completely unacceptable.’ However, Alexis did not wish further action taken against the two females.


While this incident ended well, it could have easily gone the other way as in the case of a Maryland McDonald’s incident which a trans woman was brutally beaten by two female customers for using the female’s restroom. Captured on video, the beating resulted in one adult female getting sent to a lengthy prison term and a minor sent to juvenile hall.

Read about the McDonald’s beating here:




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  1. I think its completely stupid to speak or right about “females” in contrast to “transgender (women)” or “trans(woman)”. This is like verbally justifying exclusion and nonacceptance.

    She is a female like the two other girls to my point of view.

    The only difference between them was that they were genitalistic and she didn´t fit into their sheme. No reason for question her femaleness by calling her “trans”. Be more self-confident, boys & girls – then you will earn more respect…

  2. I know how I would react. It would not be meekly taking it. In the McDonald’s incident, as long as I wasn’t wearing clothing too restrictive, it would’ve been me giving a beating to those two idiots. That may have its own downside as the injustice in shows.

  3. The Baltimore McDonald’s attack.

  4. Ignorant bigots are everywhere, even in England. I doubt if this could’ve had such a positive resolution ANY -where in the U.S.

  5. disgusting behaviour from a university as well!

  6. Amazed that I read about this here first – so much for our student newspaper in the UK! Good work Lexie – what would we do with out you!


  1. Wipe Out Transphobia - Page 33 - Political Wrinkles

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