At risk Guatemalan trans woman spared Denmark deportation, granted asylum

Fernanda Milan (photo:

Fernanda Milan (photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT —  A trans woman in Denmark who faced possible death if she returned to Guatemala was initially ordered deported, however following an appeal, it appears Denmark has reversed its stance and has offered Fernanda Milan asylum.

T-Refugee Project’s Stine Larsen: “We are very relieved that our struggle, together with Fernanda, ended in her being granted asylum. But it has been a soul-destroying asylum process with an initial refusal, which was then reversed just three days before her scheduled departure on Sept. 17. 9 [2012]”

From my most recent article on Milan: “Fernanda Milan left Guatemala after a police officer held a gun to her head threatening to kill her if she didn’t stop her advocacy work. While it is not clear how she ended up in Denmark, but the organization LGBT-Denmark is providing the Danish asylum panel with evidence of the circumstances in Guatemala. Milan says she fears torture and death if she was to return.”

More from my last report:

My first report on this matter:

Transgender woman granted asylum in Denmark –

Fernanda Milan (photo:

Fernanda Milan (photo:


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4 replies

  1. I notice that she didn’t seek asylem here in this bastion of freedom, the good old USA….. Imagine that….

  2. As a Guatemalan, and one who understands how disappointing and frightening it is to live here, I`m relieved that she was granted asylum. Advocacy is not a crime, it shouldn`t be.

  3. I am so glad that she is safe. I was so worried about her!

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