State files charges against ‘phone message leaving’ bar owner for transgender discrimination

Bar owner leaves phone message for trans patrons telling them to stay away (Photo: KATU-TV)

Bar owner leaves phone message for trans patrons telling them to stay away (Photo: KATU-TV)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT –This case is widely known for bar owner Chris Penner’s leaving a phone message for transgender regulars of his bar in Portland, Oregon, then known as the P-club, telling them not to come back because they’re scaring customers away.

In October, Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian stated that their investigation turned up compelling evidence of discrimination and suggested that Penner work out some sort of agreement with the state civil rights division to resolve the issue. Since Penner did not come to an agreement, Avakian went ahead and filed formal charges against Penner under the 2007 Oregon Equality Act. The next step is a hearing on March 19th.

Avakian: “[The 2007 act] changed the way Oregon respected the rights of gays, lesbians and transgender people. It was a strong statement that Oregon would not stand for discrimination. That doesn’t just mean in Portland in the P Club. It means in every business in the state, in every government body. In this particular case, it was clear that that standard was being violated. The T Girls were not being treated with fairness. They were being blatantly discriminated against because they were transgendered.” . . .

“But The P Club will get a chance to put on their defense, and we will aggressively prosecute the case. Not only do we have the new law, but we have a position, the labor commissioner position, and an agency that’s in charge of making sure that this law has teeth, that when someone is treated unfairly, the law stands up to protect them.”

I’ve been closely following this case and you can read all the details here:

Quote source: The Oregonian

Bar owner leaves phone message for trans patrons telling them to stay away (Photo: KATU-TV)

Bar owner leaves phone message for trans patrons telling them to stay away (Photo: KATU-TV)

Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian files formal charges against P Club for discrimination against transgender customers |


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  1. Oregon slams defiant bar owner: pay $400,000 to banned transgender patrons | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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