UK’s Telegraph newspaper publishes yanked Julie Burchill transgender hate piece

Toby Young of the UK's Telegraph (Photo:

Toby Young of the UK’s Telegraph (Photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In the midst of this ongoing explosion in the transgender community over the Julie Burchill trans-hate piece that was pulled from the UK’s The Observer newspaper, another UK paper, the Telegraph, has recently republished it on their website.

The Telegraph‘s Toby Young argued that The Observer’s actions amounted to censorship. He stated that he was a friend of Burchill and that she had given him permission to republish it as part of an article for his paper.


It appears clear to me that ad hominem attacks like Burchill’s article, especially when used against a marginalized group of people, have no place in entities other than those that exploit to pad their pocketbooks. This appears pretty much what the Telegraph is doing. Young could have still made his argument without republishing the piece, but now, any point he had is lost.

Likewise, Burchill could have easily made her arguments without using ad hominem comments to engage a public discourse on something that concerned her, however, by doing a hate piece, she invalidated any point she was trying to make.

The Guardian, The Observer: Thumbs up.

Telegraph: Thumbs down.

More on Julie Burchill’s trans hate piece:

Up to the minute monitoring of the Burchill affair:

[Trigger Warning!] The Observer’s decision to censor Julie Burchill is a disgrace – Telegraph Blogs.

Toby Young of the UK's Telegraph (Photo:

Toby Young of the UK’s Telegraph (Photo:


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  1. No thumbs up for the Observer. They published the hate piece first. They only pulled it AFTER they were shamed into it.

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