Trans woman murdered near Fortaleza, Brazil


Cecilia Marahouse

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Based on a translated news report, Brazilian trans woman Cecilia Marahouse (or Mara House) was shot reportedly 6 times just outside of Fortaleza on January 11th. Marahouse was a performer and was well known in the LGBT community there. Her friends hope for justice but feel the government looks upon them as nothing more than numbers to be added to statistics.

This is pretty much all the information we have on this murder. There is also a graphic photo that I am not reproducing here, however, it does bring home the danger all of us face, especially in Brazil.

(Tip of the hat to Kelli Anne Busey)

Cecilia Marahouse

Cecilia Marahouse

Transex Cecilia Marahouse é brutalmente assassinada em Fortaleza « Diálogos Políticos.


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  1. This sadly underscores why people like Suzanne Moore, who make throw-away comments about “Brazilian transsexuals” in an article, and her supporters, like Julie Burchill, MUST be called to account for their transmisogyny. Rest in Peace, dear Cecilia.


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