FOX-TV’s Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly mocks transgender inmate’s appearance

FOX-TV hosts mock trans people

FOX-TV hosts mock trans people

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In some ways, Bill O’Reilly, a commentator for FOX News and host of The O’Reilly Factor has outed himself by revealing he does not research facts before he speaks — O’Reilly did not even know transgender inmate Michelle Kosilek had yet to have the sex reassignment surgery she won in a court case until after he unloaded on her. It was co-host Megyn Kelly who noted that Kosilek did not have the surgery, however, she also participate in the transphobic barrage on Kosilek.

Kosilek, of course, is the Massachusetts prisoner, who recent won a court ruling on her “cruel and unusual punishment” claim. Read more about that here:

I’m going to spare everyone the what was specifically said on the show but I do want to reaffirm for every one of the fact that FOX-TV and Bill O’Reilly, will mock, shock and exploit transgender people to make money for themselves. Sadly, this now includes Megyn Kelly.

Regular readers know the consequences of this transphobic behavior is devastating for trans people.

Don’t let your friends tune to FOX News. The life you save may be of someone you know.

[Trigger Warning]:  Fox Hosts Mock, Laugh At Transgender Inmate’s Appearance | Blog | Media Matters for America.

FOX-TV hosts mock trans people

FOX-TV hosts mock trans people


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22 replies

  1. Im Transgendered, and maybe not passible in everyones eyes…..however, we are being a bit too sensitive…..we in th3e trans community know that we have to have a tougher skin then no trans people……letsnot forget, he is in for murder.

      • Lexie, Thank you. Charlene yes, she is incarcerated. Sometimes I just do not understand those in the trans community and I use the term community very loosely who have no sense of compassion for our own. First do you know the reason she committed the crime she is incarcerated for? There are many trans people incarcerated for crimes for defending themselves yet being trans, first made them a victim and second was used as a reason to become the perpetrator and thus the one convicted. Don’t think so? Go research the case of CeCe MacDonald presently imprisoned for the death of her assailant.

        As far as having tougher skin goes people can only take so much abuse before taking the stand enough is enough. I would think as trans people who know what it’s like to be put down, discriminated, hated and living our lives as people not understood much less accepted would better understand each other. No we are so divided into who is and who isn’t that we have no real community but rather little kingdoms only looking out for those within them.

  2. *She* is in for murder. And this makes her less of a person how? This makes it right for FOX news and other outlets of fear, hate, and bigotry contribute to the unsafe world that we have to live in? Michelle is a human being. And? I am wondering what “passable” has to do with anything at all? For one, it’s completely subjective. Two, whatever someone’s opinion of another human being is does not grant license to ridicule, bully, or harm them.

  3. Oreilly is utter filth, no more and no less.

  4. actually that is the way I feel about everybody on MSNBC

    • Why do you feel this way about every single person on MSNBC? Do they regularly mock people who are genuinely sick, do they constantly incite violence and fear of minorities?

      • what liberals do, is to convince perople that the govt is all about cradle to grave coverage./……and msnbc is the mouthpiece……Whatever happened to personal resposibility… is not the fault of the people this person commited a capitol crime, not is it, that they should foot the bill…..I am transgendered, and would love to have the surgery, but I am under no illusion that this is societies problem, it is my challenge, and to group gender surgery with cancer treament is ridiculous

  5. Thia case is simply based on the eight amendment. The decision is based on medical treatment for this person. The less expensive treatment has not met her medical needs. The prison administration spent more money on trying to find medical witnesses who contradicted the scientific evidence for the simple fact that this treatment was the only to treat her condition. The treatment itself is one of the most effective treatments in medicine with a very low need for further medical intervention.because it is a lifetime cure. Some of the objections are because the normal law abiding citizen does not have this available but the prisoner does not this surgery available but they do have the vote, therefore the eight amendment. We give a prisoner life saving cancer treatment even though it is nowhere as effective a treatment. as this one is.
    In this case the state of Massachusetts has spent more almost 100x time the cost of the surgery on the court case. It seems that this has happened because of the general population’s misunderstanding of this treatment is effective for this medical need in part by the actions of this so called news service.

  6. I have noted many responses to articles on this case have referenced Michelle Kosilek’s crime when talking about her treatment options.

    I worked in this system and there is never a time when necessary medical treatment may be denied to one of the human beings under the Department of Correction’s supervision based on the reason for their incarceration.

    If someone came to me with a medical issue, there was no “Chest pains? Sorry, you’re in for armed robbery… back to your bunk!” I see that people then are still viewing this as some sort of cosmetic surgery, on a whim.

    A woman in NY won a case for her SRS also. I would not choose to say “why should they have this when I don’t?” But rather, “They have won this and those precedents should force health insurers both private and public to cover SRS for all qualified clients nationwide”.

    Further it should be noted that Michelle (as reported in another article) had offered to fund her own SRS some time back, but was refused by the state.

  7. When I listen to this exchange, I hear “He killed his wife because she wore his clothes”. Really it’s as simple as that? My experiences are telling me that’s not the whole story. But that’s how this was handled by the police and the courts – a heinous way I am only too familiar with.


  1. FOX News’ transphobic mocking reaches all time high | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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