Forced sterilization of trans patients following sex reassignment surgery ends in Sweden

sweden photo us navyTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — It’s hard to imagine this kind of law was still on the books in such an educated European country, but nonetheless, the practice of sterilization ended this week after a Swedish court of appeal ruled the 1972 law was unconstitutional in December. They also said the forced sterilization violated the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Swedish parliament recently passed legislation to ban the practice, but it wasn’t scheduled to begin until later this year.

LGBT advocates in Sweden are hoping that parliament will compensate those who were sterilized. They are threatening a lawsuit if this doesn’t happen. There is a precedent for this — sterilized patients of Swedish a eugenics program were compensated when the practice ended in the  late 1990s.

A bit more on the compensation hopes here:  Sweden ends forced sterilisation of sex change patients.

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  1. The practise of the force of sterilisation to get your (wrong assigned) official sex corrected is and was spread in most other European countries (in Germany and Austria it ended in the last 2 years). There are also forced procedures as beeing checked for 3 years by a psychologist and a so called “expert”, which logically implites various possibilities of power abuse up to sexual humiliation and rape by these persons.

    Call the judge is impossible cuz these “experts” always have good lawyers, private contacts and friendship to the court and you as a victim of f.e. sexual abuse don´t have any credibility (also cuz of the F64.0 stigma!). Normally you are judged to pay cuz of defamation, even if you have very good evidence.

    There is no appropriate resistance cuz people prefer to fight against each others definitions, aims and so on, sexologists and psychiatrists (who have the only profit by these disgusting laws) have passed to break and diffuse the political energy of our community(/-ies).

    In spite of it I´m glad to live here cuz we aren´t forced to go into a male prison (even without name change “license”) for 10 or more years. But for sure it´s crappy all over the world.


  1. UN report says forced transgender reparative therapy, sterilization, is torture | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes
  2. Fear of “third gender” prompts some Swedish legislators to retain transgender sterilization law | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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