Transitioning trans teacher told she was “worse than gay” and banned from public events

Transitioning teacher told "worse than gay" (Photo: Business Insider)

Transitioning teacher told “worse than gay” (Photo: Business Insider)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT  — An instructor for 32 years at St. Francis Prep in New York City, Mark Krolikowski, was also later fired from the school. The Catholic school’s attorney stated that “[h]is employment was terminated for appropriate non-discriminatory reasons.” The attorney reportedly stated the reason was not due to gender identity.

The news report I looked at was rather vague — likely the school wasn’t talking, nor was I able to find additional information elsewhere, however Krolikowski is planning to sue the school and the attorney for Krolikowski, Andrew Kimler, says his client is protected under city and state discrimination laws.

A parental complaint lead to a meeting between Krolikowski and his boss, during which Krolikowski revealed the beginning of her transition to a woman. She was then told by the principal, Brother Leonard Conway, that it was “worse than [being] gay” and ordered to stay away from public events as a woman.

I hope more information becomes available on this soon.

Since she is currently presenting in both female and male attire and accessories, I’m using female pronouns.

Transitioning teacher told "worse than gay" (Photo: Business Insider)

Transitioning teacher told “worse than gay” (Photo: Business Insider)


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4 replies

  1. I am ashamed to say I was raised Catholic. The Hate and ignorance coming from the Pope on down is horrible. I want as much distance from them as I can get!!

  2. Insults as if we are so stupid to believe that lie

  3. Maybe the Obama Admin would like to get an education on diversity from the trans St. Francis Prep (Catholic) teacher, Krolikowski who was recently banned from public events?


  1. Fired transgender NYC teacher gets victory in court | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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