(UPDATE) Bizarre saga of trans woman Stacie Laughton continues

Stacie laughtonLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Updated March 13, 2015: New Hampsire’s first transgender lawmaker arrested for hospital bomb threat. From the New Hampshire Union Leader:

“Stacie Laughton, the state’s first openly transgender legislator, was arrested Thursday by Nashua police after saying she is the person responsible for calling in a hoax bomb threat at a local hospital. Laughton, who was elected to the House of Representatives and then withdrew her candidacy days later, turned herself in on Thursay on a warrant for the Feb. 27 incident after spending two weeks receiving treatment at a Vermont hospital for bipolar disorder. Police charged her with a felony count of falsely reporting an explosive.
“I have had a mental illness my whole life, and I guess this was my worst break with it. I was untreated for a long time, and I didn’t have medication,” Laughton told the New Hampshire Union Leader, adding she is very remorseful for her actions.”

Original article Jan, 2013: Stacie Laughton’s political aspirations in New Hampshire seems to have finally ended. Attorney General Michael Delaney said earlier this week that Laughton hasn’t fully discharged her criminal sentences so therefore is ineligible to run for political office.

Laughton is reportedly going to withdraw her candidacy to fill the vacant state legislature seat left open by her earlier resignation after winning that seat last November.

The saga of Laughton’s short, but eventful political career includes announcing that she was quitting after her prior felonies were disclosed after she was elected, however, she later changed her mind, and decided to keep her seat only to once again changed her mind and signed resignation papers on local TV. She later announced she was going to run for the now-vacant seat she once held. She also opened some eyes after being seen ringing a bell for the Salvation Army during the Christmas holidays.

Track Laughton’s entire 2-month political career here: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/?s=laughton

UPDATE — Arrest: http://www.unionleader.com/article/20150312/NEWS03/150319651#sthash.nWBW39XQ.dpuf

More on the Attorney General’s announcement: A.G.: Criminal History Bars Nashua Transgender Woman From Holding Office | New Hampshire Public Radio.

Stacie laughton

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5 replies

  1. Not the kind of ‘Trans Visibility” that we need! :-/

  2. OMG. Someone like that can do immeasurable harm to the Trans Community’s acceptance.

  3. Make three strides closer to public acceptance, and then one “Aw shit” wipes the board clean. When people identify as transgender only to screw up in a big way, is not the publicity that the transgender community needs. You can have a very clean house but your guests will only remember the dog turd on the carpet.

    • Seriously? That’s the stance you are taking? A human being who had aspirations and goals and suffered from untreated bipolar disorder is in the press and all you can think if is how it makes a community look. The community will look the same as it always has no matter what the press releases. People will accept us in their hearts on their own terms and not when the press says so.

      • Do you know for a fact if the person does indeed have a mental disorder? She didn’t bring it up on any of her earlier gaffes. Bringing it up now seems to be an excuse. Once you step into the political arena, you’re fair game. If you have a mental illness, stay on your meds.

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