Jenna Talackova to give TV audiences a peek into her transgender life

Jenna Talackova (Photo: Gerry Kharman, Vancouver Sun)

Jenna Talackova (Photos: Gerry Kahrman, Vancouver Sun)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — If you guessed “reality show”, you guessed right. But wait, before you say anything, consider this: the viewers of reality shows are just the kind of people who are in need of the awareness Talackova can expertly serve up. Indeed, they’ll lap it right up.

Talackova already has demonstrated her ability to turn her attention from the international media into a positive spin on all things transgender. After the pageant ended, she undertook a couple of high-profile events to promote equality. She has done a great job thus far and I don’t fault her for now wanting to make a few bucks off her fame. She’s likely to continue to this track record of positive transgender PR in whatever she does.

There’s no guarantee though that the reality TV show will actually happen. As someone in the business, I can tell you these things fall apart more often than not. If not this show, something else will no doubt surface for her, as her success story is the kind of thing many producers would kill to get her on board their projects, if not create one specifically for her.

Stay tuned!

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Jenna Talackova (Photo: Gerry Kahrman, Vancouver Sun)

Jenna Talackova (Photo: Gerry Kahrman, Vancouver Sun)


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6 replies

  1. I dont blame her for needing to make a living and she is perfectly entitled to make it off the back of her condition. But I dont want a baby girl beauty queen educating the public on all things transsexual. She is just a child and I hardly think the life of a particularly beautiful trans woman who transitioned very young is the sort to give people any meaningful insight into how life is for someone like myself. At best it is guaranteed to leave people with a positive but incorrect impression. Not enthused at all. I am actually pretty tired of these children who know nothing about real life being promoted as some kind of spokes person for us. She is not at all. I suspect her experience while real, is so atypical as to do more damage than good but I stand to be corrected and hopefully I am just being bitchy and cynical.

    • So far she has been doing great. Here’s the thing, there ARE other role models better suited for the task, but we couldn’t pay to get the kind of attention for them Jenna is getting for practically nothing. Not quite what we’d have in mind, I agree, but still, strong enough to move many in mainstream society into accepting trans people who are currently not willing to do so.

      Thanks for your comments! 🙂

    • Agreed. If we are to educate anybody about what our lives are like it’s the unsung masses that deal with being trans everyday who need to be seen. Or those for whom the struggle is still very real.

  2. I understand that there have been so many hardships for so many women in transition – violence, aggression, hatered and more… But since her story DOES exist there are stories like hers out there. And shouldn’t EVERYONE be represented? I agree that this show may have some damaging results if handled porrly – but anything that pulls awareness in that direction, a direction that doesn’t include hate – should be a good thing. And maybe her beauty will soften people enough that they actually hear the important things – She is HUMAN, deserves love and respect and kindness just like EVERY other human on this planet. Again, anything that changes perspectives to the positive is a good thing…….. I am NOT a trans woman.. I was born with the correct parts to match my heart – so I am aware that I only see a fraction of the realities you must face. But I fully support trans individuals (my aunt is a trans woman who means the world to me) and want nothing more for people like you and my aunt than to be able to walk into the world without fear – if this show gets you even an inch closer to that, I’m happy…

    With love,

  3. For myself, I am wishing the absolute best for Jenna in her endeavours…

    We have to stop tearing down our fellow transgender people.

    How can we ever present any sort of unified message or front to the mainstream public if we cannot even stop criticizing, ridiculing and harassing each other from within. As my mother taught me when I was younger – “If you can’t think of anything positive to say, don’t say anything at all”.

    Jenna may not be the best choice as a public face for Trans* people, but she seems to have done a pretty good job so far. I say we give her a chance before tearing her down.

    Come on people, this is our time to come together and work together to achieve our goals.

    I assure you, no one else will do it for us.


  1. Trans model Jenna Talackova gets spread in fashion magazine, launches reality show | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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