Transgender fashion/art magazine does homage to Michelle Obama

(Photo: Candy magazine)

(Photo: Candy magazine)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — There’s no doubt this photo shoot for Candy magazine will trigger heated debates in a number of different venues.  But that is part of what art is — pushing and exploring boundaries. I, for one, am glad to see this sort of homage to our First Lady presented this way.

I don’t know what Michelle Obama thinks of this, however as a public figure, it technically doesn’t matter. That aside, I do think she’s okay with being part of the awareness transgender people in this manner.

The magazine publisher, Luis Venegas, says they’re a transgender/androgyny “style magazine about fashion, art, culture, make-up, glamour, icons, amazing transformations and fun.”

For the magazine’s fifth issue, trans model Connie Fleming portrays Michelle on the cover. Earlier Candy issues featured Andrej Pejic, James Franco, and Chloe Sevigny in drag. I’m curious who will be featured next.

Enjoy the photos. I dug up one featuring James Franco for good measure.

BTW, I noticed there is more than one “Candy” magazine — another appears to be a teen magazine, so for those of you headed to Google, be advised, lest you get confused!

Candy magazine info: By Luis Venegas – CANDY.

(Photo: Candy Magazine)

Connie Fleming as Michelle Obama (Photo: Candy Magazine)

(Photo: Candy Magazine)

Connie Fleming as Michelle Obama (Photo: Candy Magazine)

(Photo: Candy Magazine)

James Franco in drag (Photo: Candy Magazine)


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3 replies

  1. As a friend, contributor and source for Candy Magazine (which is named after Candy Darling) I think that Luis Venegas and those who write, model and do photography for this journal are doing a great service to the transgender community. It is a lush and very large tribute to the qualities that best exemplify the TG experience told in a way that is true and sympathetic to all of us. Michelle Obama should be proud to be represented in this fashion.

  2. This is pretty awesome. I actually totally take fashion ideas from looking at what Michelle Obama wears. She’s a tall, broad-shouldered woman who just looks feminine and stunning all the time, and she constantly makes clothes choices that make tall, broad-shouldered women like me look good.

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