An unexpected twist in the saga of resigned transgender NH State Rep.-elect Stacie Laughton

Trans woman and state rep. wanna be Stacy Laughton ring a bell for the Salvation Army! (Photo:

Trans woman Stacy Laughton ringing a bell for the Salvation Army! (Photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Thought we’d heard the last of Stacie Laughton, didn’t we? To refresh, she came to fame as the first transgender state representative elected to the New Hampshire legislature in November.

However, shortly after the election, it was discovered that she had a felony conviction on her record and there was question about whether she should have disclosed it or not. In the ruckus that ensued, she decided to resign only to later change her mind and announce she was keeping her seat after all. Shortly after that she changed her mind for a third time, and this time signed the resignation papers in front of a local television audience. End of story, or so we thought.

Now, word is Laughton is going to run for the vacant position in the special election set up to replace her. She says it’s what her friends, supporters and family want her to.

Politically, I’m thinking, why not? If she wins the seat again, the felony conviction would be completely behind her and maybe she’d be able to help improve the lives of trans people. But while I’m thinking about this, I’m looking at the photo of Laughton in the article, then I take a closer look at the photo — she’s ringing a bell for the Salvation Army!

No, she doesn’t have a clue. I encourage Nashua residents in the 4th ward to vote for a Democrat with a grasp of the issues that matter to trans/LGBT people, even if that candidate is not transgender.

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More on Laughton’s new bid to regain her seat: Transgender female intends to run for seat she vacated | New Hampshire NEWS06.

Trans woman and state rep. wanna be Stacy Laughton ring a bell for the Salvation Army! (Photo:

Trans woman Stacy Laughton ringing a bell for the Salvation Army! (Photo:


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10 replies

  1. I totally concur, Lexie.. Vote for ANYONE but this clueless twit!!

  2. Well..There goes that lol. *Facepalm*

  3. Epic fail!
    Hey, thanks Lexie for all your excellent updates and news – it is much appreciated even if too much of it is bad news 😦 Big hugs and love

  4. Stacy Laughton is a scumbag

  5. Seriously though wasn’t there a concern that being seated in the legislature while under her particular form of probation might be *illegal*?

  6. Thanks for the comments and thoughts! 🙂

  7. [ad hominem comments deleted]

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