Tony Perkin’s transgender/LGBT-hate group drops UPS as “official shipper!”

perkinsupsx300THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — As payback for UPS dropping their financial support of the Boy Scouts, the hate group Family Research Council (FRC) said UPS will no longer be the FRC’s “official shipper.” This is according Tony Perkins, president of that organization in a statement reported by CNN.

The fallout from FRC’s decision is likely to not register one iota either on the Richer Scale or UPS’ Cash Register.

If Mr. Perkins is a man of his word, he pretty much has to drop Intel as their “official computer chip”. In the dumpster behind the FRC headquarters I expected to find it filled of PCs purged from the building. Merck (FRC’s “official drug”), however, presents a dilemma — the hepatitis vaccine isn’t easily removed from one’s body.

Now all this would be pretty funny if it weren’t for the real harm Perkins and his hate organization inflicts on transgender/LGBT Americans. Mr. Perkins often equates LGBT with pedophiles as a PR ploy to keep us from obtaining equal rights. The prominent civil rights organization Southern Poverty Law Center considers FRC as a hate group.




More about FRC from the Southern Poverty Law Center: [Trigger Warning]



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  1. “The prominent civil rights organization Southern Poverty Law Center considers FRC as a hate group.”

    Ironically, the Boy Scouts of America issued a press release as far back as 2002 stating that:

    “The BSA reaffirmed its view that an avowed homosexual cannot serve as a role model for the traditional moral values espoused in the Scout Oath and Law.”

    The SPLC never said a word about this blatant anti-Gay discrimination for a full decade and certainly never designated the BSA as a “hate group.”

    Finally, in July of 2012, they wheeled out retired SPLC co-founder Joseph Levin to issue one of the most tepid, even apologetic, admonitions in SPLC history:

    “Of course, the Boy Scouts of America doesn’t intend to encourage bigotry. But such policies can have that effect.”

    So, the FRC and the BSA both firmly believe that Gay men are immoral, but only one is designated a “hate group” by the SPLC. Why is that?

    It’s simple. Many of the SPLC’s mostly elderly donors were Scouts and/or the parents and grandparents of Scouts and linking the almighty donor to a “hate group” is bad for business.

    “Fighting hate” is all well and good until it cuts into the bottom line. The SPLC tends to be rather selective in its indignation, depending on who happens to be espousing the hate.

    A little consistency would be nice.

    • The difference is that BSA (despite its nasty ideals) DOES do “some” good work, whereas pretty much 100% of FRC is dedicated to hate work…

      • That’s a pretty thin justification. The core mission of the BSA is to mold the minds and shape the characters of millions of American boys.

        I respectfully submit that an organization of avowed homophobes are not the best people for that job.

        A “hate group” is a “hate group” is a “hate group.”

  2. Perhaps that nut needs to realize that the term is LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, and NOT liberty and justice, but only for bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, hate-filled “christians”.

    I hope that ALL shipping companies refuse to do business with that lunatic.

  3. Tony Perkins and the FRC are vile bigots and liars. They are filled with hate and unjustified anger. Good for UPS!

  4. This is the same group that just had pickets outside the Newtown, CT. school saying that the lack of God in the classroom was the cause of the shootings. A very classy organization indeed – with a group that is this insensitive to even the murders of 6 and 7 year olds what can we possibly expect from them?

  5. the southern poverty Law Center is more a political organization didn’t civil rights

  6. the southern poverty Law Center is more a political organization than a civil rights organization

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