Spineless Illinois school board votes to yield to mob on transgender policy

The good people of East Aurora need to elect school board members with a backbone (photo:123rt.com)

The good people of East Aurora, Illinois need to elect school board members with backbones (photo:123rt.com)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Well, we’ve seen it all now. For those of you following the East Aurora School Board comedy of errors, be advised that the board decided that an angry mob that interrupted their Ad Hoc committee assigned with coming up with a transgender policy for kids, spoke for the entire community. This mob was so convincing that the board voted unanimously to disbanded the Ad Hoc committee and take a trans policy completely off the table. The victory here goes to anti-transgender hate group the Illinois Family Institute.

At this point I don’t know which group is the lessor evil — a widely recognized hate group or a school board scared stiff of them.

The Civil Rights Agenda’ Anthony Martinez, “I think it was a failure of leadership by the school board. I think the folks handling this from the beginning were out of their depth. You only have to look and see that the Ad Hoc committee never once discussed the matter of policy. All we did was sit and listen to people voice their displeasure.”

Unless someone thinks there is a legal avenue to pursue, the burden is now on the citizens living in this district to bring in new board members more in tune with the 21st century.

More about this matter from the very beginning, starting with the most recent: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/?s=east+aurora

Zack Ford has additional commentary on this fiasco: East Aurora School District Abandons Trans Students Again | ThinkProgress.

The good people of East Aurora, Illinois need to elect school board members with backbones (photo:123rt.com)

The good people of East Aurora, Illinois need to elect school board members with backbones (photo:123rt.com)


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13 replies

  1. You know what is so sad? That individual kids are now being told “You’re not welcome.” The message is that fear and bigotry still run people’s minds: the same people that condemn the Connecticut massacre but refuse to give up guns. Happy Christmas everyone: love & peace are in the garbage again :(((

    • Nope, that’s not as bad as the message, “might makes right. The mobs will tell us how to behave.”

    • Don’t you dare compare this issue with that of Newtown. These have nothing to do with each other.

      • Hi. Ok – I’ll accept that comparison is questionable. But I won’t get into the gun lobby thing, as that’s a whole different issue. I’d just say that most non-US people are baffled by the 2nd? amendment ‘right to bear arms’ and I am equally baffled by this school’s decision. Like you, I have been sickened by the tragedy at Newtown

  2. There should be some recourse, since the Illinois Human Rights ordinance includes protections against discrimination for trans people. I see several open questions: 1) whether public schools are included (they should be), 2) whether minors are covered, since there are so many other areas of law in which they’re treated differently, and 3) whether it is considered discriminatory to refuse people respectful and affirming treatment. They’re not being refused admission to or participation in public schooling, just (I say this with dripping sarcasm) being told they won’t be supported in their expressed identity. I find it ironic that it should be Transgender Youth Awareness Month in Oregon while this idiocy is going on here.

  3. What about the kids? The trans kids. Do the schools in Illionois not have a duty to protect them from bigotry and bullying by staff and peers??????? And neighbors! This is shameful. And someone should have standing to sue.

  4. Thanks for the comments all. Much appreciated!

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