[UPDATED] Trans woman killed in Istanbul street, suspect taken into custody

Istanbul, Turkey (Photo: bugbog.com)

Istanbul, Turkey (Photo: bugbog.com)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [Update — see below.] According to a Turkish news report translated into English, a trans woman was shot in the middle of the street in Istanbul, Turkey. She was shot in the chest and her body was taken for an autopsy according to the translation.

The police arrested a driver of a car on suspicion of murder. The police did not release the name of the person arrested but the report stated that the shooting might have been a dispute over money.

I’m not entirely sure if the article gave the victim’s name. The translation doesn’t make it clear enough for me to make note of it in this report. If anybody fluent in the language can read the report and post what you find in the comment section, we’d appreciate it.

As a side note, in the article’s comment section, I noticed that many of the comments are religious or trans hate- biased — the same as we often see in American media comments.

Another side note, this is the first trans death that I’m aware of since TDOR 2012.


UPDATE: Dec. 18, 2012. Some details hinting of the victim’s name is coming in, including “Gunce Hatun”, “Hatun” and “Diary Babe”.  Also, one UK blog reports the arrested man’s name is Karatas. See the comments section below for further info on this.


Turkish language report: http://www.haberler.com/parada-anlasamadigi-travestiyi-vurdu-4172490-haberi/

Thanks to Jasmine Emily Seymour and Helene Hazera for the tips.

Istanbul, Turkey (Photo: bugbog.com)

Istanbul, Turkey (Photo: bugbog.com)


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  1. This response was posted on Reddit:

    “According to the newspaper, Muhammet was a sex worker and the police thinks that he/she has been killed by a customer over a monetary dispute or possibly because of an insult.

    The victim was shot on a bridge and was discovered lying in blood at 3:30 AM by passersby. The suspect has been apprehended in his car not far from the scene — his broken car window raised suspicions.”

  2. I spotted this on facebook. I have no idea how much of the following is factual. I asked for a link.

    “as you know, a trans* sex worker from beylikduzu, istanbul, turkey was shot to death on the street on 15th december. today, news agencies provided with further info regarding the murder.

    name of the victim is gunce hatun and she was 19 years old. the perpetrator was caught by the police and he confessed his crime. here we go with one of the usual “reasons” for killing a trans sex worker; perpetrator: “while i was on my way to home in beylikduzu, a travesti wanted to forcibly get into my car. i made her leave the car but she rejected and threw stones to my car. to protect myself, i shot at the air and left the scene.”

    the murderer is a contracted driver of a private bank. we will need to wait to see the indictment. i hope, he will get the required sentence.”

  3. http://lgbthayat.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/beylikduzundeki-trans-cinayeti-aydnland.html?spref=tw

    (Thanks to Jasmine Emily Seymour)

    This is the English translation:

    Beylikdüzü lit up the murder of trans

    Trans woman’s murder suspect who was shot dead, broken glass around the scene of the incident was caught tool
    Bridge in Istanbul Beylikdüzü Bizimkent the previous night 19-year-old “Diary Babe” called trans-chest, was shot and killed with a gun. Beylikduzu Public Security Bureau after the event, teams started work, in the car after work at the scene of a suspicious person. The car which was broken glass on the front right of the police, the car Ilker Karatas (34) were detained. Karatas, who appeared to be murder suspect confessed to the murder.

    Karatas learned from working as a driver in a bank office, “Taksim Esenyurt have fun with my friends I was going to my home. Shemale forced rode in my car. I downloaded the fighting below. I threw stones at the car as it moves tossed me a very heavy curses. I my gun and fired several shots into the air by an unlicensed left. then threw the gun into the sea on the beach in Büyükçekmece. again caught at the scene around, “he said. Karatas, was arrested and sent to prison Buyukcekmece referred to the Prosecutor’s office. Hatun’s funeral was buried in the diary based on the Forensic Medicine Institute.
    Many transgender people because of sexual identity became victim of hate crimes. (Sabah and Foreign newspapers were news.)


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