FBI reported hate crime data for 2011 released — transgender data collection to begin in 2013

Tyli'a Mack, murdered Aug. 2009 in Washington, DC. (Photo: examiner.com)

Tyli’a Mack, murdered in Washington, DC. back in 2009.  (Photo: examiner.com)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The FBI reported hate crime data came out and I jumped right in to see what was reported on the basis of gender identity. I was surprised to find out that the FBI does not collect data on gender identity hate crimes!

Perhaps I should have guessed this. We’re a decade or more behind the civil rights afforded our LGB brothers and sisters, so it does follow that we’re also behind in the collection of gender identity hate crime data.

There is some good news —  as a result of the 2009 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the FBI will begin to collect gender identity data in 2013 and report the findings in 2014. According to a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) press release, they had a hand in getting the FBI to start compiling the data on gender identity.

Meanwhile, the HRC’s interpretation of the data indicates LGB hate crimes reported to the FBI increased in 2011, surpassing hate crimes based on religion, and now ranks just below the most frequent hate crime, race.

You can look up the data on the FBI’s site. It is broken down by cities, metro areas and states for those of you curious about your area. LGB data only. It’ll be two years before trans people are in the know.

FBI’s 2011 LGB hate crime data: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/hate-crime/2011.

More on the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act: http://www.justice.gov/crt/about/crm/matthewshepard.php

HRC’s press release: FBI: Reported Hate Crimes Based on Sexual Orientation on the Rise | Human Rights Campaign.

Tyli'a Mack, murdered Aug. 2009 in Washington, DC. (Photo: examiner.com)

Tyli’a Mack, murdered Aug. 2009 in Washington, DC. I’ve been unable to find out if her murder was solved. Anyone know?  (Photo: examiner.com)


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3 replies

  1. Reminds me of last week on Wednesday when I called the FBI to report threatening hate emails that I received earlier that week from Louisiana and my mother’s involvement. The agent on duty took the information down and was sympathetic. I gave her the perp’s name and address. The next day I called back to report possible contact with this bigot on FB earlier in the year, and this different agent said my issue did not rise to a Federal level and to just go to the Las Vegas police. Still debating on requesting restraining orders.

  2. I was beaten and by my family and choked unconcious by my son. When I escaped, my wife called the police and claimed I grabbed her boob and broke her pinky finger.
    They finally got me out of the house.
    That won’t be on the FBI report; I’m a defendant.
    Charges still pending….

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