[UPDATE Nov.30th — She resigns again!] New transgender NH legislator decides not to resign after all

Stacie Laughton (Photo: WMUR)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATE (Nov. 30) — She resigned again. See below.] The on again, off again short political career of newly elected New Hampshire state Rep. Stacie Laughton is apparently on again. Her words: “I’m reconsidering, and I’m seeking the advice of professionals and through social media.”

Laughton made the news shortly after being the first trans person elected to the statehouse. But made bigger news when it was learned she has a previous felony conviction: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/updated-2-ttrans-woman-legislator-resigns-trans-woman-elected-to-new-hampshire-state-legislature/

From The New Hampshire News: On Laughton’s Facebook page, she asked her 1,368 friends Wednesday whether she should give up or continue. Four hours later, nine people had urged her to stay put and explore the legality of the situation.

Republicans in the state are still calling for Laughton to resign. Felons are allowed to run for office in NH under certain conditions. Apparently the state Attorney General is reviewing the matter. Their decision likely to be the final arbitrator of whether Laughton decides to stay or go.

Laughton is schedule to appear on a local TV show to explain her decision on Nov. 29th if my information is correct.

Stay tuned!


UPDATE Nov. 30, 2012 It looks like she resigned again.

From the Nashua Telegraph:

“Those who thought she should vacate the N.H. House seat got their wish Thursday when Laughton signed her resignation letter on a local cable access television station.”


Stacie Laughton (Photo: WMUR)

She’s changed her mind | New Hampshire NEWS06.


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4 replies

  1. “Make up your mind woman”!!! What is her current status other than very confused….grrrrh

  2. The irony. Months ago I posted on my blog (cosmotologicaljourney) that there was no way I could take this person seriously as trans or otherwise. Not ofter reading their comments and watching them in a local news interview. Now, the poor people of her district in NH have been duped by this scumbag. This person (i consider them a man in a dress) has defamed so many of us who try to do the right thing.

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  1. An unexpected twist in the saga of resigned transgender NH State Rep.-elect Stacie Laughton « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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