Missouri county passes pro-trans ordinance in chamber full of opponents

Councilman Pat Dolan (Photo: patch.com)

Councilman Pat Dolan (Photo: patch.com)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — St. Louis County (Missouri) Council passed a gender identity and sexual orientation protection ordinance in a packed chamber full of vocal opponents who, during their turn at the mike, quoted the bible, connected transgender and LGBT citizens to pedophiles and the practice of bestiality.

In the end though, a majority of council members —  Kathleen Kelly Burkett, Mike O’Mara, Pat Dolan and Steve Stenger — voted for the ordinance which brings county residents not yet covered by existing local trans protection laws into the fold.

Councilman Pat Dolan: “This is about protecting individuals who live in St. Louis County. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from, what matters is that all citizens regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity are protected from discrimination.”


This is quite a contrast from the recent actions of a school board of a nearby mid-western state who adopted a trans protection ordinance only to rescind it a few days later in the face of vocal opponents.  More on that: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/illinois-school-board-decide-not-to-fire-official-who-suggested-pro-transgender-policy-maybe/

Councilman Pat Dolan (Photo: patch.com)

St. Louis County Councilman Pat Dolan (Photo: patch.com)

LGBT Non-discrimination Ordinance Passes in St. Louis County.


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5 replies

  1. Finally some good news for a change, well done and congratulations to all concerned, this is a good day for the LGBT community

  2. Very awesome news! Thank you, brave council members! 🙂

  3. Yep. This is where I live. Many of my friends can be seen in the audience viewing the historic decision. What is REALLY impressive-is that the Council did the “Right Thing” despite a large and vocal turnout of Bible thumping Bigots!

  4. Council members, Kathleen Kelly Burkett, Mike O’Mara, Pat Dolan and Steve Stenger, are to be congratulated for doing the right thing and not allowing the bible quoting bigots to intimidate them. This is really good news.

  5. I wish they would pass something like that down here in Joplin! Unfortunately, we have too many self-righteous ignorant hypocritical Bible-thumpers down here (not everyone of course, but too many).

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