20-year-old NYC transgender activist death case may be reopened

Marsha P. Johnson

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Piecing this together from two rather thin sources, it appears the 1992 death of NYC trans activist Marsha P. Johnson might be getting looked at by the Manhattan DA, reportedly with the NYPD’s blessing.

The number of unanswered questions has disturbed the trans community ever since police ruled the death a suicide following the discovery of her body in the Hudson river in 1992.

Johnson is known for being one of the Stonewall Riots pioneers. She was also one of the founders of Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries.

This is pretty much all there is on the reopening of the case. I hope there is an official word from the DA or NYPD on the matter shortly.

Marsha P. Johnson (Photo: Randolfe Wicker)

Marsha P. Johnson Case Reopened! – New York – News – La Daily Musto.



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2 replies

  1. Great news! She is one of our original hero/Icons! Marsha deserves the dignity & respect of closure on her passing.

  2. As someone who knew Marsha it is about, or long past, time
    that her passing is investigated in a meaningful way and not
    treated as just another outsider death. May this truly come to
    something as we continue to honor her memory.

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