Trans anti-discrimination: Australia proposes national law; Syracuse, NY passes law

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner says she will proudly sign the new law (Photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In Australia this week, new national gender diversity legislation was proposed to fix inconsistent existing laws. By unifying all state and territory laws into one national law, trans and LGBT Australians will have the strongest anti-discrimination protection to date.

Anna Brown of the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby: “For the first time, a national law will outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, protecting our fundamental right to be free from discrimination and harassment. . . . A new simplified regime with stronger protections that actually make sense to people 

More: New national LGBTI protections proposed | Star Online.

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The city of  Syracuse, NY this week passed a law that prohibits discrimination based on one’s “actual or perceived sex, or their gender identity or expression.” This law amends an existing 1990 anti-discrimination law that excludes transgender people. The new law prohibits discrimination in, among other things, housing, employment, and public accommodations.

Mayor Stephanie Miner: “It is an honor to serve as mayor of a city that has such a commitment to diversity and protecting our transgender brothers and sisters. This legislation will continue our longstanding efforts to ensure all Syracusans are able to live and work in a safe environment and send the message that we are a community which cares and will not tolerate discrimination.”

 Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner says she will proudly sign the new law (Photo:



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4 replies

  1. Hope we do not have to wait 20 years in other jurisdictions because we have bee political pawns for the LGB

  2. When across the land this is enacted, then we will be content, as this chicken-crap piece of Anonymous is to post while hiding in a closet is meaningless.

  3. The Trans Community has been a pawn of Gay activism since the start of LGBT activism. The Castro riot and Stonewall were largely the actions of Transpeople and Lesbians.
    Yet the Trans Community is still denied the same rights and protections from discrimination that the Gay Community won years ago.
    It’s time for action to ensure that the Trans Community receive these protections and rights. Everybody needs to do what is right. Stand up and continue the unfinished work.

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