Killer of Miami Beach trans woman arrested

Police arrested Miguel Pavon for the brutal murder of trans woman Rosita Hernandez

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — DNA and the victim’s obsession with cleanliness helped Miami Beach, Fla., Police nail the killer of trans woman Rosita Hernandez.

Police say it was Miguel Pavon who stabbed Hernandez last March in her South Beach apartment. He is charged with murder and is being held without bond. Although Hernandez’s sex worker status complicated the case, her friends were able to point out enough evidence in her apartment for the police lab to get a DNA match.

Pavon was already in jail on another charge when the DNA match was made.  Pavon previously gave the police a sample of his DNA over a year ago when he was being investigated for an earlier murder of a different person. Police did not state if the Hernandez murder was a hate crime following his arrest.

I first wrote about the murder back in March:

Police arrest Miguel Pavon for the brutal murder of trans woman Rosita Hernandez

[Trigger warning!]  Man charged in murder of transgender South Beach prostitute – Miami Beach –

Tip of the hat to Nancy Greiner Murrell.


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  1. Kismet! Justice. Thanks for keeping us posted, Lexi.

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