Appeals court overrules anti-trans “If you’re born male, you stay male” judge

Oklahoma Judge Bill Graves (Photo: okexaminer)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — You remember this Oklahoma judge — the one who is denying trans women legal name changes, including one last summer, because “you can’t change what God gave you.”

In one case Judge Bill Graves told trans woman Angela Renee Ingram: “If you’re born male, you stay male, according to the study I’ve done on DNA. If you’re born female, you stay female.” 

The ACLU stepped in and is taking her case to the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. Read more on that case here: ]

However, an earlier case in which Judge Graves also denied a name change request (Christie Ann Harvey) has been overturned 3 to 0 by the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.

In both cases, Judge Graves stated that sex reassignment surgery does not change DNA therefore a name change would be for fraudulent purposes.

The appeals court, however, said Judge Graves abused his discretion in denying Harvey’s name change.

Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Judge Kenneth Buettner: “The trial court’s finding that Harvey sought a name change for an illegal or fraudulent purpose is not supported by the evidence . . .”

The higher court ordered Graves to allow the name change.


I’d say the higher court spoke loud and clear to Judge Graves. It’s likely the appeals court will eventually overturn Ingram’s denial as well. Voters in Oklahoma would be wise to retire Judge Bill Graves at the next opportunity.

More details on the appeals court ruling:  Okla. court: Name change allowed after sex change – SFGate.

Oklahoma anti-trans Judge Bill Graves (Photo: okexaminer)


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5 replies

  1. Judge Graves should not even be allowed on the bench as it’s clear he is basically discrimative towards trans people, hmmm DNA and how does that work if you are intersex? Strange that this person made it this far in his life as his hatred could only bring injustice to trans people, next he’ll be saying it’s ok for trans people to be raped in prison, what a maggot.

  2. I would be suggesting the good people of the USA be trying to get this Judge out of office considering his statements which is pure discrimination

  3. While it’s certainly unfortunate that this had to go to the appeals court, the positive outcome does dramatically improve the outlook for future cases (or ideally a lack of future cases).

  4. wow. He probably doesn’t even believe in Science(evolution? climate change?) and yet he’s talking about DNA? And a person should be allowed to change their name for just about any reason as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t know what gender even has to do with it. This is an abuse of his office because he is using it as a platform to demonstrate his personal beliefs which is the complete opposite of um… you know, that thing judges are supposed to be– impartial!


  1. Appeals court again overrules anti-trans “If you’re born male, you stay male” judge « LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS

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