A Transgender Day of Remembrance Perspective from a Writer

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THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [I wrote this for Wipe Out Transphobia] During 2012, I’ve written twenty articles on the deaths of twenty different sisters killed during the course of this period. I also know that a year from today, 20 more articles will be written. It’s one thing to know of the statistics of transgender deaths, but it’s another thing to keep tabs on it, week after week. On top of it all, 20 is a mere fraction of the number of trans people killed each year. So some have asked me why a weekly accounting when TDOR once a year serves the same purpose? My answers:

1) Education and awareness. Every trans person needs to be reminded frequently of the danger they face, almost from the minute they wake up in the morning because many are killed, seemingly safe in their own homes.

2) Every death matters. Each victim leaves friends, families and colleagues behind. Even the simple mention of the victim’s correct name in print is something the survivors can grasp in immediate aftermath. Time and time again, survivors note their appreciation of their loved one’s name being kept alive, even months after their passing.

These two things are the least I can do until Transgender Day of Remembrance, which then brings permanence to each victim’s name and memory.

via 14th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance – Wipe Out Transphobia.

(Image: wipeoutransphobia.com)


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  1. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts as only sisters could!

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