Photographer Bettina Rheims’ androgyne/transgender portraits

Photo: Bettina Rheims

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — I’m a big fan of androgyne portraits. There’s just something about this type of photography that often leaves people questioning their “norms.” If they’re left confused and unsure after viewing such things then perhaps they, and society as a whole, ought not make judgements based on gender at all.

The “Gender Studies” exhibition by Bettina Rheims is a portrait series of people that evade categorization of being male or female. While this particular show is in Berlin, running now through Dec. 1st, (Camera Work, Kantstraße 149, 10623 Berlin – Germany) there are a bunch of transgender/androgyne-themed photos at the links below and the photographer’s home page that is worth a look-see!

Berlin : Bettina Rheims Gender Studies | Le Journal de la Photographie.

Tip of the hat to Kelli Anne Busey.

Photo: Bettina Rheims

Photo: Bettina Rheims


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  1. Yes, I Love androgyne photography as well. If those who are so quick to label and put us in boxes are put to the test, they might just give up. Viva La meme chose!


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