Bizarre Oregon for-hire killing of partner by cop may have transgender rejection roots

Deborah Benton, Lynn Benton

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — While I’ve been following the story, I haven’t reported on it even though one of the parties involved is transgender. It then appeared to be more of a common domestic dispute with the transgender spouse being perhaps, the aggressor — not something out of the ordinary. However, a month after the murder, a third party was arrested for the killing and the investigation slogged along for over a year.

However, now there has been a rapid series of developments that suggest the trans person may have hired a hitman to kill his cis spouse because she wasn’t adapting well to her spouse’s gender change.

Quick background: Lesbian couple consist of a Gladstone, Oregon police sergeant Lynne Benton with partner beautician Deborah Higbee Benton. Later, Lynne undergoes gender change and changes legal name to Lynn Edwards Benton in 2009. There are relationship difficulties but they marry anyway in 2010. In 2011 Deborah is murdered and police arrest Susan Ellen Campbell for the murder. Later, Benton loses his cop job for supposedly unrelated matters and becomes a Greyhound bus driver.

Last week however, Lynn was indicted for plotting to murder Deborah. On Friday Susan Ellen Campbell pleaded guilty for the actual murder. Campbell’s son, Jason Jay Jaynes, was also indicted last week — suspected of participation in the plotting of the murder apparently before the Bentons got married.

Only now it appears that Deborah was killed in part for being unable to deal with Lynn changing his gender from a female to a male.  Some media outlets are jumping the gun — perhaps in an attempt to exploit the topic blaming it all on Lynn’s “sex change.” But, not all the fact are in. We have not heard from Lynn Benton. He has not been convicted of a crime yet.

After slugging along for over a year, this story is starting to develop quickly so perhaps in a week or so we may know more.

Gladstone is a suburb of Portland, Oregon.

Stay tuned.

The deceased Deborah Benton, former Sgt. Lynn Benton

For more background on this story and other links:  Accomplice pleads guilty in Gladstone beautician’s murder, agrees to testify against ex-cop, own son |


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