President-elect Romney’s transition website is live . . . (by mistake!)

Composite of elements from Romney’s transition webpage

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — “I’m excited about our prospects as a nation” says Romney on a presidential transition website that included details on how to apply for a position with the new administration. This would have been a truly heart-stopping moment for many of us had we stumbled upon it during the time it was live.

Breathing normally now knowing that it was uploaded by mistake, one can’t help feel a bit of unease of how close it came to being reality. Sort of like peering into a future that might have been had not we came to our senses at the last moment.

For the record though, having a website prepared and ready to go would have been prudent, although making it live, even for just a bit, was a major blunder.

The images I used are composites of elements from the Romney website (now down) but you can view screen shots at this link.  Whoops! Romney’s ‘transition’ website spotted by blogger – Technology on

Composite of elements from Romney’s transition webpage


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