First openly transgender mayor in the U.S., Stu Rasmussen, re-elected to fifth term

Silverton, Oregon Mayor Stu Rasmussen

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Silverton, Oregon voters re-elected Mayor Stu Rasmussen, for a reported 5th term on Tuesday. Rasmussen previously gained national attention as the first openly transgender mayor in the United States.

While I’m not quite sure which pronoun Rasmussen prefers we use, but I’ve a hunch it doesn’t matter to Silverton’s mayor.

From Rasmussen’s campaign website:


If you just stumbled on this site you may be asking yourself “Is this guy for real?” or “Is that guy for real”?

I’m Stu Rasmussen. I own and operate several small businesses in Silverton, Oregon (population 9,588). I have also served 24 years as an elected official in local government, as City Councilor, Mayor and member of the Silver Falls Library board. I completed my third 4-year term on the Silverton City Council in 2008 and ran for Mayor at that time. When I won, it was ‘no big deal’ here in Silverton, but for some reason that election attracted a lot of attention elsewhere.

I just happen to be transgendered – something I didn’t even know the word for until I discovered it on the Internet. . .”

Congrats to Stu!

Silverton, Oregon Mayor Stu Rasmussen

Silverton, Oregon Mayor Stu Rasmussen (Photo: McClaran)


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13 replies

  1. Congratulations on you re-election!

  2. Congratulations! We are making steps to what we should be: a society in which gender identity and expression is understood as having no impact on ability. Good stuff.

  3. Congratulations! You are an inspiration and a pioneer.

  4. Why did you post a picture of her bra?

  5. HIGHLY CAPABLE Stu Rasmussen, who I’ve met many times, but not yet in his femme outfits, is a brilliant problem solver. He ran the theatre when I lived in Silverton, is a locksmith, and can do anything at all. In the 80s I think Stu decided that Silverton ought to have cable, people agreed, and he … brought cable there! What’s wonderful is that Stu has made himself happy too. Hats off to FIVE term mayor Stu Rasmussen.

  6. *Standing ovation* Well done, well DONE!


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