Stranger violently punches trans woman entering UK pub, gets away

Giovanna Del Nord (Photo: This is Leicestershire)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Knock-out punches, of course, don’t happen often without some warning, but Giovanna Del Nord found herself waking up on the floor of a Leicester pub, last remembering a fist headed straight to her face.

Del Nord said she just walked in the door and headed directly to the bar, without speaking to anyone when she was attacked. There wasn’t even enough time to recognize the person who hit her. Del Nord is relatively new in town and has no enemies. She believes she was targeted because she is transgender. Leicestershire Police are investigating the attack and are asking for the public’s assistance.

What I find troubling here is that this violence occurred in a public place without any exchange of words or other foreboding signs allowing one to take precautions or defend themselves. On the other hand, there’s always the chance the perpetrator was triggered by something else and Del Nord’s trans status didn’t have anything to do with it.

This is one mystery that I hope gets cleared up, pronto!

You can report Leicestershire hate crimes anonymously here:

Giovanna Del Nord (Photo: This is Leicestershire)


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  1. I was informed there were more to it. A few weeks earlier a man in this pub was acting aggressively and hurled verbal abuse at me after I has answered his guestion to why I was wearing women’s clothes – “Because I like to.”. Now, the landlady had a word with this person and came back to me relaying an apology. The persons did not have the courage to man up and do this himself. I usually have 0 tolerance and informed I was tempted to make a formal complaint to the police. Now, this has now turned against me as I have “upset a customer”… hmmm, if someone commit a hate crime one possible outcome could be a police report, nothing to be upset about as this person brought it on upon themselves.

  2. Yeah – I was assaulted again this morning. It is a police matter, there are CCTV footage and someone managed to capture it with a mobile phone as well.

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