Trans activist in Kuwait: ‘transgender an “epidemic” that politicians say the country must get rid of’


THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — “. . . gender identity is increasingly talked about by politicians and the media as an “epidemic” that the country must get rid of’ says a trans activist in Kuwait.

With six trans women arrested by Kuwaiti police in recent weeks and five already in prison, the government of Kuwait continues their oppression of transgender people through the use of a 2007 law that ‘imitating the appearance of a member of the opposite sex’.

A Human Rights Watch report published in January outlined the arrest, abuse and torture of trans people in Kuwait. I wrote about that here:

The Gay Star News published this statement from a trans activist: ‘The situation here is getting worse. . . . The authorities are using the article prohibiting “imitating the opposite sex” to violate our freedom of expression, and as a political weapon. So transgender people have to be in disguise all the time, we can’t even leave home or walk among the society, we have to remain hidden for our safety and we’re treated as criminals. . . . Our country is regressing both legally and socially, sexual orientation and gender identity is increasingly talked about by politicians and the media as an “epidemic” that the country must get rid of.’

As I noted in my earlier report, the world community, especially the United States government, ought to denounce these conditions in Kuwait.

More: Eleven trans arrested in Kuwait | Gay Star News.



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  1. Hard to believe we should be wishing for Kuwait to be more like Iran. 😦 Iran sees sex changes as being in accordance with Islam. (and a cure for homosexuality, ha, fools!)

  2. I doubt that having the US government denounce this oppression would actually help much, given the rhetoric of “practices alien to Kuwaiti society” and “alien Western culture” that is being used to support it. I suspect that directly supporting activists within the country would help more.


  1. Tragic oppression of transgender people in Kuwait continues « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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