Ten trans people a month are killed in Brazil — the stoning of ‘Madona’ is the latest

Trans woman Madona stoned in Brazil

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT –Brazil, a country that is home to a large transgender population has reported over 100 transgender death so far in 2012. The latest is Madona– a popular and well-liked woman living in Aracaju. (Some reports have her name spelled Madonna.)

Reportedly an unknown group of people attacked her with stones and she died 4 days later in a hospital of head injuries.

Madona’s neighbor Maria Livia Vieira told infonet:  ‘She was a very funny, happy person, who loved to dance and be playful, she didn’t hurt anyone.’

National Counsel to Combat Discrimination of the Secretary of Human Rights to the President of Brazil’s Keila Simpson (Some reports have the name Keith Simpson), told GayStarNews: Trans people are the smallest and most vulnerable part of the LGBT Brazilian communities, making up a mere tenth, yet we suffer from the highest incidence of violence and murder. Since January we have had over 100 transgender people murdered here – that means over 10 people murdered every month.

‘Contrary to popular belief, most of the murders are not crime of passion at all, but the murderers are people who didn’t know their victims.  . . . ‘People here in Brazil think that if they don’t like someone, like a trans person, they have a right to murder.

Simpson went on to say this is the main reason trans people in Brazil seek to leave the country — most move European countries.

I put this together from several sources and the gist I get from reading those reports is the situation for transgender people in Brazil is quite dire. It is interesting that I found no notation of what police action were being taking regarding Madona’s murder.

Trans woman Madona stoned in Brazil


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  1. Where do we find the list of the 100 people?

  2. Good question. It shouldn’t be hard to track down contact information of the person who made that comment (National Counsel to Combat Discrimination of the Secretary of Human Rights to the President of Brazil’s Keila Simpson), however he may not know English.


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