Transgender director Lana Wachowski mesmerizes audience following HRC award

lanawachowskiTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Update: Sept. 8, 2013. I feel Lana Wachowski’s video here is worth watching over and over again — she’s inspiring to us all.)

Filmmaker and trans woman Lana Wachowski, who (along with her brother Andy) directed the The Matrix series films, accepted the Visibility Award by the Human Rights Campaign and rewarded attendees of the event with a truly emotional — sometimes humorous, sometimes gut wrenching — speech about her transition into Lana. (She got this award and gave this speech in 2012.)

A private person, somewhat shy and unaccustomed to giving a speech in front of a large audience, Lana Wachowski pulled off the impossible — she had the audience hanging on to every word, mesmerized for the entire 25 minutes she spoke.

Lana Wachowski clearly did not make this very public speech for herself, but rather, felt compelled to do it on behalf of all her transgender brothers and sisters. With one 25-minute speech, she impacted the lives of many struggling trans people through personal inspiration or heightened positive awareness of trans people in society.

Trans role model extraordinaire.

I really liked the part Lana shared about what her brother told reporters during an earlier interview:  “if somebody asks something or says something about my sister that I don’t like, understand that I will break a bottle over their head.”

A captioned version of the HRC speech can be seen here:

Thanks to Liz LaVenture.

Updated thanks to Rachel Francon.



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  1. Once anyone in our community sees this speech they won’t need a push, they’ll be running thru the streets “You gotta see Lana, You gotta see Lana”!! My girlfriends and I have been comparing our youths; and Lana decribed her own experience, but she also spoke for all of us. Horray for Lana Wachowski sacrificing her anonymity so that she may help others! Can those of us with less to lose, do any less?!

  2. Sorry Liz but i don’t agree with you when you write “Lana Wachowski sacrificing her anonymity. ” ANONYMITY?!? She was a famous public filmaker, how could her transition be unknown? Lana had nothing to lose because all in world known. And this is tipical for most transgender activists. Lana and all the others make a great informative job but most of them had no alternatives… IMHO.

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