Another trans woman’s throat slashed and killed in Antalya,Turkey

Turkish trans woman Serap murdered

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Information put together from two sources indicates another Turkish trans woman had her throat slit open and bled to death. EMTs were called but 25-year-old Serap was dead at the scene. Police plan to begin a murder investigation, starting with an autopsy.

Disturbing is that Serap’s death follows the July throat slashing of Secil Anne — both of these victims were living in Antalya, Turkey.

Here’s what I wrote about the July killing: “Secil Anne’s murder however, is especially ominous as it comes a month after a group of about 100 neighbors in Antalya protested the transgender sex workers in the area that were “disturbing” to them. While the police say they do patrol the area and charge sex workers when caught, however, the group of neighbors said then they would be ‘patrolling the area with bats.'”

Read more about the July killing:

I’ve no idea if these murders are related, or connected to this neighborhood group.

Working from a Turkish to English translation, a trans activist, Michelle Demishevich, said there were other trans people with Serap during the attack who were also injured, but survived. They were also pepper sprayed after being attacked.

Information from a transgender activist in Turkey, Kemal Ordek, confirms a number of the facts in the news report.

Anybody with further details about either of these murders, please post in the comment section.

Thanks to Jasmine Emily Seymour for the tip.

Secil Anne and Serap — both trans women living in Antalya, Turkey, throats slashed and killed 3 months apart


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  1. Tragic! Keep catching these, Lexie –

  2. Reblogged this on Jenna Is Me and commented:
    I think it’s safe to say that the motivation behind killing these two women was for their “sexual perversion”, as i am sure the murderers would address it. Although.. perhaps i am too rash in assuming all this. One thing that’s for certain though, is that it was defiantly a big part of why they were brutally murdered. Which is nuts. I mean, how can a group of people be so offended by some difference in their surrounding, that they would resort to murdering. I bet you anything that they think they’re doing the world a service by doing it. But the truth of the matter is that, killing someone who’s not doing anything physical against you, or even threatening to do any physical harm against you, makes you the bad guy. It makes you the problem. You’re part of what’s wrong with this world. You’re what’s impeding progress. You’re intolerant, and you need to be dealt with, by being locked inside bars, so that you can’t cause anymore harm than you’ve already done.
    And this delusion you have that you’re doing people a service by killing inocent people, is laughable, and it pushes the society you belong to towards a savage tribalistic shithole, to be perfectly honest with you.


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