Two weeks until election day 2012 — two things trans people need to know

Mitt Romney isn’t going to be playing Battleship with President Obama again anytime soon

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — For many of you, the time to vote is now. The ballot came in the mail and it is sitting on your kitchen table.

Set aside for a moment the promises, the debates, questions about trust, and consider this: You are a trans person — only two things really matter when choosing a presidential candidate.

1) When a bill crosses the president’s desk for his signature, will he sign into law legislation that helps brings trans people equal parity with the rest of the citizens of the United States? Or will it be the signature of legislation placing hurdles in the way?

Likewise, will your president use his veto power to prevent legislation detrimental for trans people from becoming law?

2) Long after your president has completed his term, the Supreme Court justices he has appointed will remain on the bench for decades to come.  The Supreme Court is the final arbitrator of laws passed in the United States. Will the justices your president appoints ensure equal parity for trans people?

The current members of the Supreme Court recent ruled that ‘corporations are people.’ Yet, here we are, trans people in America, still second-class citizens. Clearly, Supreme Court appointees matter! Legislation enacted in the next couple of decades favoring transgender people will most certainly be challenged in court — with many of these cases ending up in the hands of justices appointed by the president we elect just two weeks from now.

If you’re a trans person, the choice isn’t a difficult one to make.

Mitt Romney isn’t going to be playing Battleship with President Obama again anytime soon


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  1. Yes, indeedy, I made the little Obama-Romney Battleship composite thing. 🙂

  2. Yesterday Oct 22nd was the first day of Early in person voting in Texas. I proudly did my part to send President Barrack Obama back to the Whitehouse and hopefully a little more help from Texas. While Pete Session’s is likely to win there is a SLIM chance that Katherine Savers-McGovern will win (I hope so) I am prayerful that Cruz is just too crazy a tea bager to win the Senate seat, maybe just maybe Texas will once again have a Dem Senator Paul Saddler, I know Paul and he will have our backs.

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