Finally! Convicted VRS fraud felon Larry Berke is in jail

Larry Berke is in the federal BOP database (composite image)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — According to a federal inmate registry, Larry Berke is actually in jail. Mr. Berke’s tiresome dodging game with the justice department appears over. I won’t repeat the delaying tactics he used to stay out of jail after his conviction very early this year, but you can follow the story in my previous articles on Larry Berke here:

Federal prison inmate database indicating Berke’s inclusion:

You can get a couple hours worth of VRS (video relay service) fraud reading in these articles:

VRS Justice’s blog has a nice wrap up of what transpired at Mr. Berke’s last sentencing hearing with the judge. Links to court documents can be found there as well: L Berke Final Update | VRS Justice.

For those of you new to this topic, Mr. Berke is one of about 2 dozen deaf people who defrauded the federal government of upwards of $25 million dollars, possibly even more, by diverting funds earmarked to help deaf people use the telephone and pocketing it for themselves.

While sentencing of some of the minor VRS fraud players are set to occur in the next few week, the next major players — Bridget Bonheyo and Jerome Bonheyo — sentencing is apparently still set for Dec 17.

Larry Berke is in the federal BOP database (composite image)


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5 replies

  1. It is ironic that one of the things Mr. Berke was whining about to the judge was the lack of access to VRS in prison — the very same service he used to defraud the federal government with. LOL!

  2. Seem judge has been poored to Larry’s personal that is bullshit… he should stay into the jail 10 years not early … Larry has been being clever on judge/lawyer… see Jerry Sanducky is worst into the jail for 30 years like Larry does that…

  3. how typical. this doesn’t surprise me one bit. deaf people are some of the biggest freeloaders i’ve ever met. now let’s start cracking down on those who frauded the government into giving them ssi.

  4. this doesn’t surprise me one bit. deaf people are some of the biggest freeloaders ive ever met. now let’s start cracking down on the thousands of deaf people abusing welfare.

    • Hi, I’m severely hearing impaired. I have menieres disease. I wish I could get a job. I hate having to depend on SSI. I volunteer my time with the court system as a guardian ad litem. I am honored to help children who have been abused or abandoned.

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