[UPDATE: trans policy rescinded.] Hate group pushing Illinois school district to drop new “perverse” transgender student inclusion policy

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATE: Trans policy rescinded. See below.] And the school board is actually considering it. Earlier this week the East Aurora, Illinois School Board unanimously adopted a pro-trans policy, but after receiving pressure from a trans-hate group, the Illinois Family Institute, the board is calling for a special meeting Friday to “review” their decision.

Clearly, the hate group has the board running scared. In their press release, they’ve called for the removal of the entire board after the trans policy is rescinded.

Illinois Family Institute: Apparently, all that’s needed for school personnel to be compelled to participate in a fiction is for a student to pretend “consistently” at school that he or she is the opposite sex.

The school board is now imposing non-objective, “progressive” moral, philosophical, and political beliefs—not facts—aboutgender confusion on the entire school. This feckless school board has made a decision to accommodate, not the needs of gender-confused teens, but their disordered desires and the desires of gender/sexuality anarchists who exploit public education for their perverse ends.

Among the things this hate group insists the board adopts was this:

Teachers, counselors, and coaches should not be legally required to participate in a fiction by, for example, being required to use pronouns that do not conform to the objective biological sex of students.

But the real agenda of this hate group comes near the end:

If this policy is allowed to remain in place, it will embolden activists all over the state and country. Conversely, if the school board is forced to repeal it, conservatives will be encouraged by a rare victory.

The school board was quick to back pedal on their decision, seemingly blaming it on “recommendation” from the Illinois State Board of Education. It was only later after hearing from hate groups and “sleeping” on it, did some on the board ‘come to realize’ what they passed.

This school board needs a backbone, contact them and urge they don’t back down: boardofeducation@d131.org

Board members:

Ignacio Cervantes: icervantes@d131.org

Karina Myrtil: n/a

Mary Anne Turza:  turza.mary@sbcglobal.net

Raymond Hull: raymondhull@comcast.net

Annette Johnson (President): ajohnson@ciprianispasta.com

Richard Leonard: rleonard@d131.org

Miguel Sanchez: n/a

Stella Gonzalez (Vice-President) slg081404@sbcglobal.net

Anita Lewis (Secretary) alewis4244@msn.com

[Trigger Warning!] http://illinoisfamily.org/education/aurora-east-high-school-board-of-education-adopts-radical-policy-on-gender-confusion/

Illinois School Board May Cave To Hate Group And Rescind Trans-Inclusive Policy | ThinkProgress.


UPDATE: Oct. 20, 2012:

EAST AURORA, Ill. (CBS) — Four days after approving a policy protecting transgendered students, the East Aurora District 131 school board voted Friday night to rescind it.

The vote was 4-0, with two members absent and out of the country.



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12 replies

  1. time to identify institute members, to inform people who may wish to avoid dealing with these bigots

  2. I was raised that you should stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. They should not allow themselves to be bullied into discriminating against these kids. Transgender people have highest suicide rates of any class, and this is why. They need to stand by their policy, because it is a good one. If you are in charge of teaching these kids, you should teach them to understand that it is not a choice to be transgender, and that by addressing them correctly you are doing more than showing acceptance, you are providing hope and happiness. Do not allow yourselves to be bullied by this hate group, because their kids are going to be the ones in that school bullying the transgender kid into suicide. Be the change you want to see in the world.

  3. Don’t give in to the terrorists.

  4. Thank you for these resources. This issue can’t be forgotten!


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