Meteor cell phone television commercials mocks transgender people

Meteor Mobile Communication television commerical

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — An Irish transgender advocacy group is taking on a cell phone provider Meteor Mobile Communication for exploiting trans people in television commercials promoting their products.

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) say these commercials are dehumanizing and are being used for cheap laughs. The commercial has reportedly been widely shown on both satellite and terrestrial TV. TENI has filed a complaint with Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland and YouTube and have begun a public awareness campaign to get the commericials off the air.

TENI’s Broden Giambrone: “Ireland’s trans community should not be used for cheap laughs. In a recent health survey, 40% of trans people in Ireland had attempted suicide at least once. . . . Trans people are among the most marginalised people in Ireland. They are Irish residents and taxpayers, and are still not recognised by the State in their true gender. They are not accorded their basic human rights.”

TENI was a force in getting another trans exploitation commercial banned earlier this year in May. I wrote about that here:

More about the TENI campaign:

[Trigger warning] View the commerical here: Trans used for ‘cheap laughs’ in Irish TV advert | Gay Star News.

Meteor Mobile Communication television commerical


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3 replies

  1. Every time I express my outrage and repost something like this, I get several people telling me to get over it, or lighten up. When I was young, it was acceptable for whitemen to put on blackface and imitate in a mocking manner people of Color. When a community is marginalized, fighting for Rights and acceptance, murdered on the streets – this isn’t funny! Where are the commercials showing us as Doctors, Pilots,Firefighters, Executives? because we are in all those roles, not just Taxi Dancers.

  2. its just another way of exploiting trans people wake up world and let us be who we are

  3. One might have thought that Irish companies might have learned a lesson after the Paddy Power debacle but it does seem that there is something rotten in Ireland. Can’t say I care much for a country which has suffered for hundreds of years from the dire consequences of sectarian bigotry and violence but hasn’t learned a thing.

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