Gallaudet’s chief diversity officer thanks Tony ‘trans people are men dressed in drag’ Perkins

Tony Perkins and Angela McCaskill, strange bedfellows

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Angela McCaskill, you’ve fouled out of the diversity game. Please leave the court, pronto.

McCaskill slapped transgender people in the face when she took the time to thank Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council for his support during a press conference on the subject of her suspension as Chief Diversity Officer of Gallaudet University.

It has become apparent that Ms. McCaskill is a woefully inept diversity officer. Never mind the gay marriage petition ruckus which brought us here, but to give “thanks” to a top-tier foe of transgender and LGBT people clearly indicates she simply doesn’t have a grasp of what it takes to be a chief diversity officer. Here is a man (Perkins) who would like to wipe transgender people off the planet — no diversity officer in their right mind would ever make this kind of reference to someone whose entire life’s purpose is to erase diversity.

Did I mention McCaskill wants her job back and wants compensation for “emotional toil”?

The president of Gallaudet University needs to kick her off the team and bring in someone who knows what diversity means.

More about the saga of Chief Diversity Officer Angela McCaskill here:

Here’s what Tony Perkins said about trans people back in June:

“. . . this legislation [EDNA] would extend those special protections to transgenders. In other words, businesses and public organizations would have to bend their dress codes and change their bathroom and shower policies to accommodate men who dress like women and vice-versa. Can you imagine walking into your child’s classroom and meeting a teacher dressed in drag?”

Read what else Perkins said here:

Tony Perkins and Angela McCaskill. No chief diversity officer would align themselves with Tony Perkins, right? Think again.


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20 replies

  1. Scum! Foul horrible bigoted scum! May they be on the receiving end of hate and discrimination someday, reaping what they have sown!

  2. can she say unemployed !!! I would love to know what idiot did her employement background !

  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. You know what really bothers me? If you didn’t like what someone said about GLBT, you go off on the deep end. So what if Tony said that. That’s his view, we may not agree with it, but there is no reason to go after anyone who says anything bad about GLBT. I can understand why it freaks him out to think that he might have to explain to a child why a man is dressing in drag. At least respect other peoples view even if it is offensive. You are not him and he is not you. Simple as that. It’s the same thing with deaf and hearing, if a hearing person says something bad about a deaf person, it just means he/she is ignorant. NO need to stoop soooo low to get back at them. Just continue to live how you want to live and ignore them. You cannot and should not demand everyone accept marriage equality. There is a well known hearing blogger in Chicago who is gay and is against marriage equality. Gasp! Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Dr. McCaskill thanked everyone who supported her and that includes Tony and Josh Levin. Big deal. Moving on..,

  4. Candy, I think you’re missing a serious point or aspect of this. No one in the LGBT community is attempting to legislate hate, bias, bigotry, or ignorance into law. That is exactly what Tony Perkins and his kind are trying to do. Putting marriage equality on the ballot is an opportunity for heterosexuals to vote on the lives of same-sex couples. Groups such as the “Family” Research Council and the American Family Association are not benign kaffee klatches – they see to influence, direct and control law through mean-spirited false-hoods and propaganda. It’s one thing to ignore someone’s ignorance if they just make stupid and uneducated comments. It’s something else entirely to cross the line into aggressively seeking to control other people’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Since I’m hearing, would you just dismiss me as ‘ignorant’ if I worked to put a Deaf person’s rights to a vote, or would you actively seek to intervene and stop me?

  5. Could you please provide a link to cite her thanks of Mr. Perkins? Adding this to her other offense (the referendum she signed) should be the final nail in the coffin to get her canned.

  6. While I have always liked Dr. McCaskill and respected the many contributions she has made to our community, I am unable to reconcile her willingness to sign a petition which would deny a minority group rights that many in the majority take for granted, with the caring, intelligent, supportive educator we all know and admire.

    Personally, I have nothing but the highest regard for Dr. McCaskill as a person… but I have lost all respect and faith in her as Gallaudet University’s Chief of Diversity! I don’t agree with the watered-down version of “diversity” that Presidet Hurwitz is selling, that all viewpoints should be accepted…because that is NOT true, not all viewpoints are acceptable. For our university to TRULY encourage diversity, it means protecting the rights of those who are structurally underrepresented… to prevent injustice… and to provide shelter/encouragement to those who are fighting against an overwhemning majority who seek to deny them the same civil rights/protections enjoyed by those in power. “Diversity” has no place for viewpoints which perpetuate the imbalance of power, where the majority can strip away the basic human rights of a minority, because of privilege.

    Shame on Dr. McCaskill for signing that petition, for conveniently “forgetting” the oppression she has had to overcome as a successful Deaf, Woman of Color while aiding hate-mongers using the mask of religion to oppress another group that is struggling for basic civil protections. Perhaps even worse, in my mind, shame on President Hurwitz for not acknowledging Dr. McCaskill’s betrayal of the LGBTQA Community for what it is, trying to excuse this example of blatant bigotry by labeling her actions as merely having a “different opinion”, and most of all shame on him for having the gall to whitewash the entire incident by citing it as AN EXAMPLE OF GALLAUDET’S COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY!!!!!!!

    (So what’s next Gallaudet, should we hire a KKK member to run “Keeping the Promise”? How about a Neo-Nazi to administer our Hillel group? According to President Hurwitz it is perfectly acceptable for people with “differing views” to administer groups whose agenda conflict with their own… because we all know how great administrators are about separating their personal and professional opinions… or at least that is what the people in positions of power and privilege always say.)

    • Thanks for commenting. McCaskill may be well suited for other positions at the university. If she’s smart she’ll eventually figure out that her talents are not a match for this position. She may win this battle, but ultimately she’ll lose the war because there is no way one recovers from this gaffe, even if one remains CDO.

  7. Candy understands what happened perfectly (from what I can read).

    You seem to be on a witch-hunt, and are a liar. Putting the matter to the ballot gives Gay/Libs more of a chance to succeed than if one bible-toting person made the decision for those who want to marry their partner.

    I have gay family and I have no problem with anyone choosing to live their lives the way they want. You are impinging on DR. McCaskill’s freedom to live her life as she wants. None of us have to refrain from signing anything based on our understanding of the document. To be spreading the lie that it was an “Anti-gay” document is LOW.

    Furthermore, I do know that woman who made the anonymous snitch and she is RACIST. I think I’ll just share my story with Dr. McCaskill so she can have more ammunition since the rest of you will not leave her alone.

    You seem to have an agenda…is it to place someone of your choosing in that position? If I were her, I wouldn’t WANT to come back. I would take compensation for all the lies. I would hit the snitch with a Slander lawsuit for trying to destroy her livelihood, creditability and reputation. She DESERVES to get paid, and Gallaudet deserves to have to pay her since this kind of behavior is getting more common. This is the SECOND time that a black person has had their rights violated there.

  8. Harbinger, heterosexuals putting marriage rights for same-sex couples to a vote isn’t morally or ethically acceptable. Should hearing people decide what Deaf people are allowed to do? Would you accept that? Why should LGBTQ people accept being controlled by heterosexuals, who are no better than we are. I don’t live on a plantation where I need or want straight people to make decisions that affect my life, my pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.
    Secondly, who cares that she’s black? What does that have to do with it? Do you mean that people of color can’t be criticised and are above reproach. If she’s wrong, she’s wrong, regardless of her skin color. For all we know, that’s why she was hired into her position – in most places, simply being a person of color is considered a work-related qualification for EEO and diversity jobs. I don’t believe it is.

    • You obviously have no clue of the deeper aspects of this situation. “Who cares if she’s black?” Who cares if you or anyone else is gay? She can still sign whatever she wants to sign. I never said that she was above reproach, her color does not make her above reproach, but taking away her due process doesn’t make any of you smell good.

      Signing a document does not invalidate her skills or ability to do her job. Her job is very straightforward, and as long as she adheres to the laws, it would be difficult for anyone to say with any certainty that her signing that document invalidates her skills.

      Are you serious? “Would I want…” They already DO. That’s the way the system is set up. We have to vote for everything, and everyone votes, and I don’t ASK them or even care which way they voted. Because, if the vote doesn’t go my way then the system has repeals and a host of other options to try that don’t include trying to ruin someone’s name, and destroy their livelihood simply because they did vote on an issue or signed on an issue,.

      • Harbinger, it’s not so much that McCaskill signed the petition, but rather, a CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICER signed it (and it happens to be McCaskill).

        Had the president of Gallaudet, or a provost, or nearly any other employee, signed the petition, any outrage would not be to this extent.

        But having a CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICER signing a petition to bring an ANTI-DIVERSITY measure to the voting booth brings into question her ability to be bias-free.

        Any truly qualified CDO would realize this. The current Gallaudet CDO has shown that she isn’t a good fit for the job and underlines that point by talking to the media. If she wants to speak her mind and oppose diversity progress, there are other jobs on campus for her.

        • You are ignoring the fact that she is also a PRIVATE citizen and the fact that she has an unblemished record in her current position. You seem to believe that if you continue pasting the word “Anti-” onto the act of signing the document or the document itself, it will make it so.

          It was NOT an “Anti-anything” document. Furthermore, Dr. McCaskill’s professional abilities speak for themselves. The Racist that went and snitched has her own agenda, the fact that the Dr. signed the referendum just gave her what she thought was ammunition to follow through.

          But look at the facts carefully…you are in a minority of believing that it was an “anti-gay” document. Whatever position she holds does not negate her RIGHT to participate in our democratic voting (lol) process. The fact that she signed the referendum also does not negate her ability to function in her position with fairness and equability, because there are LAWS guiding her professional behavior and as long as she doesn’t break any of them and she hasn’t, you have no case.

          Trust me, this continuing to get her fired (I, honestly, have no clue as to why she would want to come back) even if the Gallaudet president caves to the Gallaudet Gay/Lib demands is the wrong strategy. Notice, it’s mostly GALLAUDET inhabitants and those that graduated from there and their followers (what else does her detractors have in common?) that are demanding her removal.

          Now you are using subtle bullying tactics “Any truly qualified CDO would realize this…” You are also disrespecting her by not using her title…yep, you and your followers are stepping all over yourselves to either “guilt” her out, or force her out. Who did you have in mind to replace her?

          • Clearly we disagree on a number of things here, so we’ll have to agree to disagree.

            I shall point out however that McCaskill’s Tony Perkins alignment is the bigger no-no than the petition signing. By aligning with Perkins, McCaskill threw away her respect she earned with her doctorate.

            Who do I have in mind to replace her?

            I nominate myself:

            I shall not sign any petition that even hints of marginalizing any disenfranchised group in our society.

            I shall not align myself with any known hate group that seeks to marginalize any group of humans.

            I shall not be swayed by a pastor or Church.

            I shall not hold press conferences to whine about how hot it is in the kitchen.

            I already have thick enough skin to deal with the flack that comes with dealing with all things diversity.

            My record of speaking on behalf of disenfranchised people, especially people of color, in this blog speaks for itself.

            • She thanked the man…you are calling it “Aligning herself with him”…sigh. He may have latched onto the cause without ANY request by Dr. McCaskill. And, regardless of his beliefs, if he helped her, then common sense and politeness dictate that she thank him.

              I’ve never been much of one to continue trying to converse extremists, so I’ll bow out now. Personally, I would be very afraid if YOU got the job. Your dedication at trying to oust her on ANYTHING regardless of the facts, speaks for you.

              I’m done.

            • good for you seems to me this harbinger is someone close to the dr


  1. Chief diversity official who signed anti-gay marriage petition and aligned with hate group, sues Gallaudet University | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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