Up and down saga of transgender city manager Susan Stanton up again

New Greenfield, CA city Manger Susan Stanton (Photo: wiki)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Trans woman and former long-time Largo, Florida city manager Susan Stanton is set to be appointed new city manager of Greenfield, California by the city council this week. Most recently she worked for Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.’s Housing and Community Development Division.

Stanton attracted national attention when she was fired from a prior city manager position after announcing her plans to have SRS.

I wrote about Stanton back in March:

“Stanton was dismissed as Lake Worth, Florida’s City Manager in December, 2011 which created a ruckus in the transgender community, however, Lake Worth officials insisted her being transgender had nothing to do with it.

Prior to Lake Worth, she was the city manager of Largo, Fl., as Steve Stanton but was fired after she announced plans to change gender. She was also the subject of a CNN documentary titled: “Her Name Was Steven.”

My article on Stanton: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/fired-transgender-lake-worth-city-manager-hired-by-the-city-of-ft-lauderdale/

New Greenfield city manager underwent sex change | Salinas News – KSBW Home.

Trans woman Susan Stanton (Photo: bowardpalmbeach.com)


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4 replies

  1. Really nice to read about the success of this lady, and it says a great deal about the mind set of her new community, I have a great deal of respect for Greenfield, CA a community I could live in.

  2. I am also proud of Greenfield. I have third cousins there and they accepted me when I told all I could in my family who I really was and they passed it on to those who I dud not contact.. One of my third cousins was mayor there at one time

  3. Greenfield sounds awesome, and lucky to have chosen her! One small nitpick, the date of her dismissal is listed as December 2012, 2 months in the future. Has she ridden on a TARDIS? If so, COOL!

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