One month since the killing of Philly trans woman Kyra Cordova — no leads, no suspects

No leads, no suspects in the murder of Kyra Cordova

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Shot in the head point-blank in Philadelphia on Sept 3rd, and found without ID or a phone. And no suspects. This is what I wrote shortly after her body was found. And now, a month later, despite active community involvement, and a $25,000 reward, there are still are no leads or suspects in the killing of Kyra Cordova aka Kyra Kruz.

Sadly, I cut back on trying to do updates on trans murders I write about since far too many of them end up just like Kyra’s — no leads, no suspects, or worse, no news at all — disappearing completely off the radar.

The Philly trans-LGBT community and Kyra’s family isn’t letting her become another unsolved transgender death stat so easily — they’ve already done a number of public awareness events hoping that someone with information speaks up.

Kyra’s grandmother: “I just want somebody to come forward. I want my granddaughter- I want closure.”

A $25-thousand dollar reward for a tip leading to the killer is being offered. Call the Citizens Crime Commission at 215-546-TIPS.

My earlier report on Kyra’s murder:

(Not really that much additional info here:) Who Killed Kyra? | NBC 10 Philadelphia.

No leads, no suspects in the murder of Kyra Cordova


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