Killer of Kansas City, Mo. trans woman gets 30 years prison term

Family photos of Dee Dee Pearson (Photo WDAF-TV)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Dee Dee Pearson’s killer was sentenced by a Jackson county (Mo.)  judge to 30 years in prison. Kenyon Jones shot Pearson following a sexual encounter. Pearson died outside the building she was staying at.

Unidentified Pearson family member: “I have forgiven the young man, so justice do what they need to do. But I’m — just thank God that it’s over and I just hope that at this point we can stop killing one another.”

Jones said he killed Pearson during a sexual encounter after discovering she was transgender.


Although Pearson’s death is tragic, I’m happy to see that the judge handed down a severe sentence for the killing of a person of color — a group not always getting real justice for the disproportional violence and deaths occurring to them.

[TRIGGER WARNING!]  KC man gets 30 years for murder of male prostitute posing as a woman –

Kenyon Jones to spend 30 years in jail for the killing of a trans woman


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6 replies

  1. I hope he rots in hell !

  2. 30 years is a nice start, but I’d prefer to see this slime rot in prison until death from old age.

  3. Jones’ claim that he killed Ms. Pearson during a sexual encounter after discovering she was transgender just doesn’t ring true. He knew that Ms. Pearson was transgender and engaged in the sexual encounter with her with a predetermined intend to murder her. He should have gotten life without parole. I’ll bet that there are other girls that Jones either attacked or murdered. The police need to keep looking into Kenyon Jones.

  4. I’m glad to see that the world is starting to recognize the truth, and seeing the dirty lies of men claiming anger after discovering a Trans’ identity. When the truth of the matter is men, and especially men of color need to come to terms with their desires and face that some of us do employ the empowerment of choice, pick and choose, and standard, of which many of them barely measure up to. As a Trans woman of color, I sleep comfortably knowing such predatory behavior, whether it’s an off-duty officer, or shamelsss finally being served in lengthy sentences,

  5. I knew Dee Dee, she was my friend, may she rest in peace.

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